Holiday Films and Romantic Heroes-Part I (this post contains 1 perceived ‘naughty’ image…there’s your warning)

I’m not a very Christmasy person. I’m kind of a Grinch actually. So why in the hell am I posting about a Christmas movie? With a plan to post about MORE?

Because everyone knows I’m a romantic sap, so of course I love the romance ensemble Love Actually. It’s positively oozing sap. And British men. It would be a shocker if I didn’t love it, right? I mean…seriously.

I just felt the urge to post about how much I looooooooove Martin Freeman in it.
He’s my favorite.

I know. Everyone loves Andrew Lincoln.


(I get it, even though he’s in love with his best friend’s girl, which is…y’know…not the most awesome thing).

And Colin Firth.


(I really get it. He learned her language! Sort of. He tried really hard anyway.)

And Hugh Grant.


(Well…he’s funny.)

And I love Martin Freeman in *everything,* but…I just adore him in this. He’s in one of the ‘minor’ stories. He plays a guy who’s a stand-in for a film with a lot of sex scenes. And he is SO considerate of the woman who is his counterpart. He’s a checker. There’s a lot of ‘Is this okay?’ and ‘Are you okay?’ which I loooooove. He’s very concerned with her consent and her comfort (even though she is being paid…just like he is…to get naked and simulate sex…WITH HIM), and it’s very clear he likes her because he can talk to her. He took the time to form a real connection, not just, ‘She is lovely…she has a nice body…’ or even ‘I like her smile.’ WHILE THEY WERE NAKED.


Look at that! ^^^ He’s warming up his hands before he touches her! GAH! LOVE!

Sorry. I guess I just get excited when a man is portrayed in romance this way. This is my kind of romantic hero. A man who takes the informed enthusiastic consent and the happiness and pleasure of his partner seriously.

Tomorrow, you all get my opus to J referencing another holiday film. It won’t be this sexy. Because seriously, how many holiday films feature characters like Martin Freeman’s here? Just this one, I’m pretty sure. This movie also contains the line, ‘More than one lobster was present at the birth of Jesus Christ?’ so…

I’m not a giant fan of Christmas. But I do love a romantic hero who concerns himself with the welfare of people other than himself. Stay tuned for an even longer, sappier (but less sexy) post tomorrow.

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