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I’ve been writing fiction for as long as I can remember. I make up stories in my head. I never outgrew it. And almost eleven years ago now (wow…) I left my full time job to be a full time parent, so during my son’s nap times, and eventually school times, I wrote a LOT. For about the past five years, J has asked after me publishing my work, and I always told him I didn’t think it was good enough to let other people (besides him, of course…and a couple of friends here and there) see it. So when he finally convinced me to go for it, I had over a decade of cached material to work with.

I put ten books out really quickly. People actually seemed to like them. People I don’t know. I mean, of course I appreciated my friends and J telling me they liked the stories, but it was something different to hear it from people who had no reason to placate me. And then, after book ten, I just stalled. I still have material to work with, and I was working on expanding a story that I still plan to finish…I’ll actually get going on it after all the Holiday Excess has settled to release in early 2019 sometime (hopefully). But it just wasn’t going anywhere after book ten. So, I turned to my friends, like I usually do when I get a bout of writer’s block, even when I didn’t let them read anything. (Most of the people who know me in my life have never read anything I’ve written; many of them don’t even know I write fiction at all, and don’t know about this blog or any of my books).

Blink exists because my friends helped me get out of a writing rut. Twice.
The first time was four years ago (nearly exactly), when I was stalled on getting something new started, and I asked for writing prompts. My friend L (who is amazing), gave me one that took me to a really unique place in practicing advanced empathy when I wrote. It was the first story I ever wrote from the first person point of view. And while I liked the people I made up (I like all of my imaginary friends), I never planned to show it to anyone but J and L (and I only showed her because she gave me the prompt).
And then in late October/early November, when my planned project was in limbo, a couple of readers (who have become friends because they were readers FIRST, which is a new, awesome phenomenon) said they were missing reading new material from me, so I let them read some short work I never planned to expand or publish. One of those short pieces was Blink.
M and A both had big, positive, emotional responses to the story and seemed to want to know more about the characters I’d made up. And after they told me that, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jeff and Krista, my imaginary friends from Blink. Their story demanded to be told.

So that’s where Blink came from.
I’ve always made up stories in my head. I can’t remember NOT doing it. But I know I wouldn’t really be a writer without my friends and readers. So thank you for reading.

Blink can be purchased here.

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