What To Expect Here


I’ll be writing essay style blog posts here about my life, which will include thoughts on relationships, anxiety, empathy, and writing…and may wander into social issues sometimes.

And I’ll be publishing some new short fiction here from time to time that I never *plan* to expand into novel form. Some stories I may post in their entirety, and some I may serialize.


If I get enough positive response from a short story, I *may* expand it. I did that with the last novel I wrote, Blink. Which brings me to the next thing to expect…lots and lots of book promotion. I’ve written 11 novellas and novels. Here they are:


They’re available for purchase here:

I may post excerpts from them here as teasers, and comments I’ve received from readers (the vast majority of whom don’t know me personally). I may tell a personal story about where the inspiration for the book came from, or about the cover art choices. I will certainly alert readers when they will go on sale. My next promotion is coming up on my latest release 12/20. I’d like to interact with readers, so if you’ve read something of mine that you like, please feel free to contact me, and I am happy to answer questions about my work.

And…*some* of my material is explicit. So when I post a short story piece or an excerpt from a book (or maybe even an essay…who knows?) that contains that type of content, I’ll password protect it. Readers will need to contact me for the password.


Anyway, thank all of you for checking out my new blog and author site. I appreciate you being here and supporting me and my work. I hope you enjoy what you see.

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