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I’m here to promote the novels I’ve written in addition to saying what I want about things without shame, but I don’t want folks who read me here to take my word for it on the stories. Of course I love the characters I made up. I made them up! So here are some things readers had to say about this book…(none of these comments come from people who’ve ever personally met me…few people who have personally met me even know I write fiction):

“I feel like your books could change people’s perspectives, really open up important conversations.”

“I laughed and cried, (as per usual with your novels ;)) for what is, was and could be for these two characters.“

“It was just so special and beautiful.”

“No! It’s over! I don’t want it to be over! Write some more.”

“…a beautifully written, thought provoking love story that touches the reader on so many levels. It makes you do some soul searching on your preconceived beliefs…”

I actually feel pretty strange promoting my own work, but that’s what you have to do if you want people to read them. And after over a decade of fretting and insecurity…I DO want people to read them. If you read my work, and enjoy it, or even want to (kindly please) talk to me about it, please contact me. Hearing from readers motivates me and helps me improve as a writer, in both quality and confidence.

Blink goes on promotion in ebook format beginning 12/20 and going through 12/27 for $.99/per copy. All of my work is also available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

All my work can be purchased here. 

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