Building: A Love Story

The first book I self-published was Building: A Love Story.

Some background information…I really did work for a construction company before I was a full time parent. That’s not my hard hat on the cover though, it’s J’s. The one I have still has an identifying, proprietary logo on it. (We did not meet at work…we have never worked in the same place…we just…both needed hard hats for work at one point. Odd? Maybe. Worked out for the book cover though.)


I designed this cover. That’s the ruler our boy uses to do math homework. It’s J’s hard hat. That stuff is on our kitchen table and I took the photo. And…someone I’ve never met once in my life edited it for me and styled the fonts. Out of the kindness of her heart. Because she wanted to be a part of making a stranger’s dream happen. There really are people existing in the world at this moment who do things like that. So while I can’t properly thank her, because I don’t even know her name or where she’s from, and she doesn’t know those things about me either, I can thank her here. And I can say that she’s another reason I write the stories I write. Things look grim fairly often in the world, but there are still people willing to work for someone else’s happy ending, just because they like happy endings. That’s why I write them.

Building: A Love Story can be purchased here.

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