Comments From Readers on My Short Fiction


I don’t like promoting myself, so I prefer to share reader responses to the pieces I’ve written as marketing, I suppose.

Here are some of the reactions I’ve received on the short pieces I’ve released on other writing platforms that are now available to read here exclusively (all future short fiction I release will be available here exclusively):

About Weight:

“I read this and cried. No, sobbed. It’s that good.”
“This is beautifully done and incredibly heartfelt. Excellent work.”
“Loved reading this! Awesome short story!”
“Seriously, this is a beautiful story. I highly recommend it.”


About Caller ID:

“Love the story; love the twist! So wonderfully enjoyable.”
“I love this story! Love the twist! Great work!”
“GREAT story and GREAT twist along with a perfect reveal.”
“Wow. This is one of the best short stories I’ve read ever.”


About Trajectory:

“This was a fun read!”
“<This story> gave us the perfect opportunity to escape.”


About Cropping:

“This story made me laugh out loud and left me with blushing cheeks.”
“Fantastic dialogue. Very fun to read. Love it!”
“This was spectacular!”
“Wow. Loved this!”
“Lovely and funny.”
“That was refreshing and awesome and inspiring and sooooo worth the read. 50/10 would recommend!”

About Tick:

“This is so beautiful!!!”
“This is beautiful. You are extremely talented.”
“It’s really great. What a wonderful twist on a classic.”

People seem to enjoy reading the stories I make up about my imaginary friends. I hope if you read them, you like them too. I love hearing from readers. It helps me improve as a writer and keeps me motivated to write new material.

New, never-before-released-anywhere-ever short fiction should be posted sometime before Christmas.

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