Sex is Only ‘Bad’ Without Consent

John Green has a way with metaphor that I really admire as a writer. And I just think he’s a pretty cool guy in general. I like the books he writes. And I like this metaphor in particular, which he never wrote into a book (at least not one I’ve read of his…yet)…


Every person can decide if they want to try every cereal on the shelf in Cereal Emporium, Largest Cereal Outlet in the Universe, or if they want to just stick with only Apple Jacks, or only Cheerios, or only Cocoa Pebbles (or whatever) and never try another one. Or they can decide they don’t even like cereal, and they prefer a nice British fry-up for breakfast. Or they can decide eating breakfast makes them feel lousy the rest of the day, so they skip it. (Please read the photo text so my metaphor makes sense.)
The point is, everyone, men AND WOMEN get to make their own choices about it, and anyone who judges them for it is the one with the problem.
As much or as little consensual sexual contact as a person wants for themselves is what’s acceptable. If a person has 5 million consensual partners, in my opinion, they are morally superior to a person who’s had sex once with someone they married, but raped them to have that sex.

PS-I love John Green. 

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