The Transition Piece-Backstory and Comments

transition piece

The fifth novel I put out is The Transition Piece. (Neither J nor I are graphic designers or visual artists, but J designed and took the photo for this cover art. He’s so rad.)

Even though my first novel release has received more reviews on Amazon, this book has by far collected the most emotional and heartfelt response from readers of anything I’ve put out so far. That’s counting all eleven novels.

I was afraid to publish this book. Even more afraid than I was to put the first one out (which is saying something, because I was REALLY afraid that first time.) But here we are. My story really seemed to resonate with people.

It came from a hybrid of two writing prompts I received from friends. The writing prompts my friends give me never go to the places they intend, I suspect. I write love stories. That’s just where my mind goes. In my youth, I could sometimes write some dark stuff, but now I’m an unrepentant sap. All of my published works before this one, while realistic (I hope, at least), were unambiguously, almost wholly positive love stories. (I blame J for filling my life with positive love and stuff.)
Anyway, the two prompts from two separate sources were these:

  • Your worst nightmare has actually happened. How do you deal with it?
  • Write a story that contains chlorine, ice, smartphones, and painting. (You’d be surprised how many stories I’ve written from a random smattering of words.)

After I wrote the short story version of Blink, I had my ‘first person point of view’ feet wet, and that first prompt up there lent itself to writing in the first person. The beginning of the book really describes my ACTUAL worst nightmare scenario happening. Which probably contributes to the ‘realness’ comments this book garnered. So without further ado, here are some reader comments (again…none of these people know me in person…which blows me away, because even most of the folks who DO know me in person wouldn’t be this positive and encouraging talking about something I made.)

“…none of Jenlyn Thawsley’s books are erotica. They are love stories, with a sex scene or two in most cases…but the heart of them is love. And this love story captured me a bit more than the other books (though I enjoyed and recommend the others too!). I think part of why this one jived with me so well is because it’s about an artist and I am in a creative field so I just have a soft spot for artsy people. But I think even more of it comes from how it’s a little dark. I’m probably more dark than I like to admit to myself most of the time. It’s a very sweet book, and it wasn’t sad enough to make me cry or jar my emotions for the day (which often happens to me, I’m rather sensitive) but it’s not exclusively ‘happy ever after’ either. I think my head and heart just feel a bit more ‘at home’ in a setting with a bit of sadness to it, and in my opinion, this did a great job of balancing a leftover sadness from a traumatic event, while also looking for hope and just expressing the beauty of normal, everyday life in a way that feels so easy to relate to for me.”

“I recently finished reading it as well, and have very similar feelings. It has a…realness…that I think many love stories lack. It’s going into my collection alongside all of my sci-fi and philosophy, right after a certain someone tries it out.
If you’re up for it, give this book a chance. I’ll be buying another of <her> books soon, if that is any indicator. 😉”

“Deanna and Jake’s story unfolds in many different layers. The author is a master at making you feel so many different emotions as you read her words. Each story has unfolded differently but at the core is love and it’s many forms. I will read everything this author publishes. Bring on the next one!”

“The Transition Piece is wonderfully written book.
Deanna’s grief and subsequent self discovery make for an inspiring heroine.
The non traditional relationships that JT developed through this book are fresh and interesting.”

“Endearing characters. Evocative story. I laughed, I cried, and I LOVED this story!”

“A masterpiece by itself, begging for a sequel!
An amazing story of love and loss, self discovery and personal growth, and an awakening of life and new love.”

“Real to life romance. I really enjoyed this book. I appreciate that it is not a traditional romance and yet it is full of romance- fun, snarky romance.”

I’m proud of this book. And it can’t be overstated how rare that feeling is for me…being proud of myself for any reason. I hope you take a chance on reading it.

The Transition Piece can be purchased here. 

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