I wrote a piece about Carrie Fisher that I released earlier today about how her supporting roles inspired me when I write. So now it’s time for a book promo, I guess.

I wrote about the first love story I wrote here…

I wrote it nearly 7 years ago now, but I only released Building: A Love Story to publish last September. It took almost 6 years of J patiently coaching me and slowly convincing me that the Impostor Syndrome I’ve had my whole life was just a big liar and you know what? I can write a decent story. I should let people read it. So…I finally did. And then this weird thing happened.

Because the marketing platform I originally chose to get the word about my self-published dreams of books out there lent itself to reaching out and forming intimate connections with my readers, several readers DID reach out. With comments like this…

“I didn’t want this story to end! I feel like I know these people! *I want to know more about **the other characters**…*’

“I love Sam! I want to hear more about Sam and Tina! How did they meet? What’s their story like?”

“Kurtis is so funny. I wonder what that marriage looks like…”

“I didn’t get to know Josh and his wife enough in this book. *Planning a sequel* so I can get to know them better?”

“I just want more of everybody.”

All of this really surprised me because I honestly didn’t even think anyone but J would actually read it, much less ask for *more.* Particularly since I’d let a few (science fiction/adventure/plot driven) writer friends of mine read some of my work in the past, and I always got, ‘Cut things.’ ‘Trim it down.’ ‘Make it shorter.’ ‘Make it as few words as you need to just tell the meat of the story.’ ‘Writing contests are for stories that are 10,000 words or less and 10,000 is way on the high end. Most of them are for 1,000 or 5,000 words or less…’
So I did that with the things I wrote. I took that advice. But it turns out that my actual reader base LOVED the detail. And they asked for more. So I wrote my first sequel…basically by REQUEST (so weird…but…*awesome*), about the supporting cast of Building: A Love Story, with fleshed out cut scenes, and the result was Community.


I’ve actually never HAD a community of friends like the one I wrote about in this book. Well…I didn’t have one until I started publishing my writing. Essays and books. NOW I have a community. And I am thankful for them every day.
And I’m thankful for J every day. I’ve said before that he’s the inspiration for me to write love stories, and that’s true. He’s always been my community, even when my community was two…me and J. He helped me design this cover art. (Again, neither of us are artists, but I didn’t want to put some stock photos of friends at a dinner table on the cover of my book, so J helped me solve a problem…which I love him for daily).

Community can be purchased here.

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  1. I was hooked on this story about 3 paragraphs in… and I’ve loved every book since.

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