Growth (and a book sale…)

Today, I resume work on a brand new story with brand new characters to (hopefully) release to publish near or on Valentine’s Day. But in the mean time, here’s a little inside information on the final (I think…at least for now…) book in my Building Series.


The beginning of a new year is a time to talk about Growth, right?

This book is not only the continuation of Alan and Jess’s tale from Building: A Love Story, and also some of the characters from Community, but it’s also an introduction to three new relationships and a few new supporting cast members as the family and friend circles grow. (Hence…Growth. I know…I am SUPER creative with the titles.)

First, a quick Mom Brag because the cover art for this book was made by my son. I love this book cover. It’s my favorite one. If you’ve read this book already, you’ll know why my son creating the cover art is meaningful to me, particularly with this story. If you haven’t read the book…it will make more sense when you do read it.

And now, I’ll write a bit about why I continued this series for three books…for a whole next novel beyond Community.

All of the love stories I’ve ever read or seen in film seem to end with one or more of these things:
1. The first meeting/kiss/date of a new couple.
2. A couple’s wedding.
3. The birth of the couple’s first child. (Or youngest child.)
4. An early, unexpected tragic accident or illness, causing the early, unexpected death of one of the main characters in love.

The characters have been together and in love for a maximum of like 5 or 6 years before the story ends, and (REALLY often) one or both of their actual lives ends. And to me? I don’t know…that’s always bothered me. That’s not my fantasy romance, and it never has been. Lots of couples meet and then break up before they get married. Lots of couples get married and then divorce…even after having children together. So we don’t know they really got that happily ever after. The overwhelming majority of couples are happy and excited about their first meeting/kiss/date…about their wedding…about their kids being born. What happens AFTER that stuff? Their lives are just boring and then they die? They split up?
And early, tragic death sure isn’t my idea of a happy ending. Plus, in those ‘early death’ stories, it’s always given me the impression that real, true romantic love is more possible and powerful (or maybe only possible and powerful) under the threat of death. When there’s this undeniable urgency about communicating deep feelings or whatever. I mean, I get it. I’ve read and watched a lot of love stories. I like a good rom/com. I even enjoy the occasional dramatic tearjerker. But I’d never consumed a love story that took a couple from before they met, when they were still individuals searching for lasting love, through a REAL, long-term, lasting relationship. A couple that went through STUFF. Lived a LIFE…a WHOLE life…together. My romantic happy ending fantasy is a 50th wedding anniversary, not just a wedding. It’s seeing grandchildren…maybe great-grandchildren born, not just children. It’s seeing how a person’s life and a couple’s relationship is shaped by the people around them, and in turn, how it touches and influences other people.

So I wrote this book.

The entire Building Series is on sale beginning tomorrow, 1/4 through the next week at $.99 a copy of each book in ebook format. They can be purchased here. 

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