Men Do Too

Another question about Storm Chasing I’ve gotten from readers is where my inspiration for David came from. So today’s post will be silly and then serious, and then you get a love song, because every day until the new fiction on Valentine’s Day, that’s what I plan to do.

Where I live, there is a very popular, charismatic, arguably handsome local television news personality that it seems like EVERYONE likes (I like him too). He’s always ‘on.’ He’s always smiling and positive and funny. He’s over the top a lot with comedy, but he never seems to cross that ‘stupid’ or ‘obnoxious’ line. He’s made a couple of viral YouTube videos that have gained national recognition. And because of this stuff, he does a lot of local charity events, because 1. he’s that kind of good guy and 2. both he and the charities know he’s gonna raise a lot of money for them.
I mean…the guy is just a dynamo and he’s SO likable. I’ll even say lovable. I honestly can’t imagine anyone ever saying, ‘That <Guy’s Name> on Channel <number>…I hate that guy!” Like…it’s a practical impossibility that someone doesn’t like him. He’s just That Guy. But when I began thinking of who Bridget’s leading man ought to be, I thought…I bet That Guy gets tired of being That Guy. I bet he feels pressure to be the public persona…who isn’t ‘fake,’ but just not all of him…and sometimes he doesn’t want to be That Guy. I wondered if this local celebrity ever wanted to just be his wife’s husband or his children’s father or his high school best friend’s buddy without having to be That Guy. So I wrote David with that inspiration. And I had him meet Bridget, who let him turn That Guy’s volume down, or sometimes turn That Guy all the way off when they were together.


(This is a bit of a non sequitur, but I’m separating the silly from the serious, and I needed a picture for this post, so…
That’s what Bridget’s tattoo looks like…

And now for more serious things.
Men worry about their appearance too. Not just women. Men have body image issues and self esteem issues too. Men desire and seek commitment and stability and a future in romance too. There are men who care about consent too. There are men who want to take their time in romance too. Men can be nurturers too. Men can do ‘little things’ and appreciate ‘little things’ done for them. Men are concerned about being enough or too much too. Men think about having families too. Men worry about their partners, and their partner’s opinion of them too. I promise. Men do too. Men can too. I just don’t read about that stuff a lot in fiction. I know it’s true though, because I know my fair share of men. Good men.
So when I wrote David, I thought of the song, Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips.

I just like the lyrics because they’re full of commitment and reciprocity, which I feel like men are given this weird bad rap for not being interested in, when I know a lot of good men who ARE. They want to help and take care of their partner…they want to give as much effort as they receive…they want a partner, not a servant…they want to BE a partner, not a tyrant or a charge their partner has to tend to. The men I associate myself with are this kind of man. And the men I make up and write are this kind of man. David definitely is.

Storm Chasing goes on sale in ebook format for $.99 a copy beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30, and through the following week.


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