Other Kinds of Love-Part II

Other than the Building Series, I wrote parents into Opening Doors, The Transition Piece, and Unedited. So here are some songs that I thought of when I wrote these parental relationships…

Beth for Drew…Billy Joel’s Lullaby


Russell for Serena…Paul Simon’s Father and Daughter

pexels-photo (2)

Deanna for George…The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun
Maybe this one isn’t a traditional parent/child love song, but…Deanna and George’s situation is unique and this is a George Harrison Beatles song and I just thought this is how Deanna would get her little man to sleep on a rough night or maybe cheer him up on a rough day. They definitely had some of those together. And this song is just as much for Deanna as it is for George. It’s a song they both need.

Max and Samantha for Neil…Coldplay’s Yellow
Again…not a traditional song for parents and children, I guess, but it can be easily argued that Max and Samantha are not traditional parents (but they ARE devoted and loving ones). I like the lyrics of this song, and I know it was written by Chris Martin as a traditional love song, but those words are pretty much how I feel about parenthood, personally. I sang this song to my son when he was a baby. And now his favorite color is yellow, which is…probably unrelated? Haha!

I just wanted to write a couple of posts about love songs that weren’t romantic love, because that’s not the only important kind of love out there. And because music is a connecting instrument that’s not only expressive of romantic love, but can bridge generation gaps, and help parents express their love for their children, too.



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