Prolificity (that’s a word…I checked)

So I’ve put out 11 books for self-publishing since September of 2017. Plus over 150 essays and a few short stories in blog format. I know that’s a lot. I can’t even believe how much it is looking at those sentences, and I wrote them. I’ve had a lot of people who read the things I write make comments about how much of my stuff is now ‘out there.’

“You’re so prolific!”

“You get new stuff out so fast!”

“I guess it’s greedy to ask for more when there’s so much out there already, right?”

The thing is though? I’m NOT fast. And the only reason it looks so much like I’m cranking out work like a machine, and that I’ve created so much is that for the past year and a half, I’ve been emptying a HUGE cache of material I never showed anyone but J; but I never threw it away either. The work readers have read (with the exceptions of most of the essays) is years old. I’ve been working on some of these stories (and I still have more I could work on like this) since before I met J. And we’re coming up on our 14th wedding anniversary.


(This was the photo I got for ‘prolific.’ Because it’s ‘fruitful.’ Sigh.)

So, to end last year and start this one, I’ve been working on a project whose original IDEA came to me in 2010, but I haven’t really actively worked on the story, or even thought about it, until about 6 weeks ago, when I was talking to a friend I met through blogging about writer’s block. It was after I wrote that piece where I quoted John Green about how his ideas aren’t high concept; they’re small; just like mine. I mentioned in that piece that I have had a couple of high concept ideas (sort of), but they seem to stall faster than the small ones, because I really don’t have the patience (or maybe the creativity) for ‘whole new world’ building. When she read that piece, where I mentioned one of these high concept ideas I had was based on the Ben Folds song From Above, she said, ‘I think you should write THAT! I love that song!’

So that’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. I’ve been taking smaller snippets of other things I’ve been working on and molding and shaping them to fit under my high concept umbrella and building on the story and concept. It hasn’t been fast. I’m scared to let this go in similar ways as I was with other ‘different’ stories I wrote. But those all worked out fine, so I’m hoping this one does too.

J and I are taking a road trip with our boy this morning, and I’m going to edit in the car all the way there and back. I might be able to get the editing to the point I can submit it for publishing tonight or tomorrow. So for those folks out there who have been waiting for new fiction…it’s *almost* ready. If you’d like a preview of the concept, I recommend watching the Ben Folds/Nick Hornby music video for From Above. (Writing the blurb for this book on Amazon is going to be kind of hard. See also: categorizing it properly. But I’ll figure it out. Probably.)

Its title is Waiting. (Ha!) And I should get it finished and ready for you really soon.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.

2 thoughts on “Prolificity (that’s a word…I checked)

  1. Yey!!!!


  2. I’m already logged in to Amazon, waiting for the new book to drop!


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