Fictional Character Fun

I’ve seen various versions of this exercise on social media over the years, and I’m kind of exhausted from finishing up that last novel and putting it up for publishing, and from doing a Marie Kondo-style cleanse of my house (still working on that), so I thought I’d do something a little fun and silly today.

This little exercise goes something like, ‘Which 3 fictional characters do you most relate to?’ or ‘Which 3 fictional characters are the most like you?’ or ‘Which 3 fictional characters could you refer a stranger to so they’d know who you are?’ So anyway…thought I’d give you my 3 today with a little blurb about why I so relate to them/I feel like they are like me/they describe me.

  1. Amelie…


This is a French film with subtitles, which I know some folks don’t enjoy, but seriously? When I saw this film, I thought someone had somehow written a movie about me, personally. I’ve NEVER related more to a fictional character I didn’t actually write (or a real human being for that matter). There are too many similarities to pinpoint in a short, silly blog post, but…if you haven’t seen this movie, and you can handle French with subtitles, and you’d like to get to know me better…I’m *a lot* like Amelie. (She’s prettier and French, but other than that? Close to the same. For real.)

2. Eleven (Jane Hopper) from Stranger Things


OK. She’s a girl who hangs out with a bunch of boys and gets mistaken for a boy sometimes and she’s ‘weird.’ She doesn’t talk much. Pretty much me as a kid. And her relationship with Mike? Mike is seriously how I imagine J was as a boy. Plus, (I’ll try not to drop spoilers here in case any of you haven’t watched the series) there are a few moments in particular that make me feel for Eleven…a couple of which I can’t even write about here, because they were just…too close. But one I will bring up is, ‘I’m the monster.’ Wow. I’ve felt that so many times in my life. Like all the bad things are my fault. Like I bring gloom and dread to other people. But it’s not true. And Mike is who shows her it’s not (ahem). And then the other way is…kind of silly. I know Eleven’s face in all these photos is quite serious. She’s a serious gal. So am I. And I am fiercely loyal and protective of people I love, just like her. There are two scenes, where a bully at school is picking on Mike, and El has…*powers*…which she uses to 1. make the bully wet his pants in front of a large audience and later 2. break the bully’s arm. Here’s how the conversation between J and I went while watching those scenes together…

J: You would totally do that. <smirky smile>
me: Well. Don’t fuck with Mike. That’s what you GET.


(Also…now that I’m looking at this one plus number 1, I clearly have a thing for tall, lanky guys who will let me ride on the back of their bike…haha!)

3. Daria


Daria was basically me in high school without the glasses. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t have much interest in fitting in. I basically wanted to live in my box with my high speed internet connection. High school wasn’t made for people like me, but Daria definitely was. The social anxiety. The inability to fake happiness and total lack of desire to participate in manufactured socializing. People thinking she’s cold and dead inside but really she’s just protecting herself from all the fake bullshit around her that she’d never CHOOSE to be around. Yeah. Me. Kinda still me.
I watched a couple of episodes of this with my son last summer.

Boy: Mom…you’re like…EXACTLY like her.

There you go.

Tomorrow I might do this exercise with J if I can narrow it down to a respectable number of characters for a blog post. He’s less weird than me, so more fictional characters remind me of him. Haha!

Also, on a completely unrelated note, my novel, Blink, is on sale in ebook format this week for $.99/copy. 

And of course, my new novel, Waiting just went on sale in ebook and paperback formats.

2 thoughts on “Fictional Character Fun

  1. Can I share this with my Facebook friends


    1. Of course! I don’t know who you are, ‘Someone,’ but if you know MY real name, please just don’t ‘out’ me on Facebook. 🙂


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