Fictional Character Fun (Again)

I’ve already written posts where I’ve directly compared J to or alluded to J being like:

Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters


George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life


Jimmy Chitwood from Hoosiers


Mark Watney from Andy Weir’s novel, The Martian (not the movie, just the book)


Jim Halpert from The Office


Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things


And kind of Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything and Dwayne Wayne from A Different World


That’s already eight fictional characters, so I thought maybe I’d challenge myself a bit to come up with two more to make it an even 10. All these men ^^^^ remind me of J because of their integrity and brains and kindness and sense of humor and how they relate to their significant other (if they have one). But there is so much to love about J. And I hate to be…This Girl…about my husband, because  of all of that ^^^^, but like…he’s handsome. For real? J is a very handsome man. Like…I married up in the looks department, big time. This one time, before we were parents to our Boy, and we were only pet parents to our doggo, we were shopping for her at PetSmart, and one of the workers at the store stopped us cold to ask J if anyone ever told him he looked like Dr. House (Hugh Laurie). J claimed he’d never heard that before. I believe him. I guess. And personality wise, he is almost nothing like Dr. House, but…he does look like him. A lot. So…


And finally…J is a resourceful man, and a (at times eerily) calm one. Many, many people turn to him when things go sideways, myself obviously included, because…when he gets involved, things get better. They just do. I’ve known the guy more than 15 years now, and he’s never been invited into a crisis, or even just a mild inconvenience that his presence didn’t immediately improve. That’s everything from, ‘I can’t reach this thing on the top shelf,’ to, ‘These 90 mph straight line winds ripped 2/3 of the roof off of our house.’ So, I know it’s a dark movie, and I also know that if Hell is real, and I end up there, my love for this movie and this particular scene in it will be on the list of reasons I’m there…but J is like Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction. In a very real way. You know…except for the murder and covering up violent crime parts. Seriously, though? J solves problems.

mr wolf

(You guys…it is so much fun to compare J to fictional men. For serious. This was so fun. Probably my most fun blog post ever.)

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