Descriptions of Me

This writing exercise is interesting, so I thought I’d give it a shot today…

Answer the following questions: How would you describe yourself to someone who didn’t know you at all? 
How do you think your friends would describe you? How would your romantic partner describe you?

Me describing myself:
Quiet. Reserved. Anxious. Slow to trust and hard to get to know. Genuinely wants the best for other people, and will actively work to make the best happen for other people. Peace loving and accepting and loyal, but not so peace loving and accepting and loyal that I’ll just take a bunch of shit forever without standing up for myself or blindly and tacitly go along with something I believe to be wrong.

My friends who’ve gotten at least partially ‘in,’ and know me well-ish would probably say this ^^^^. Most people who know me and didn’t meet me online through writing, including the people I consider myself closest to who didn’t meet me that way, have described me as intimidating in some form. My acquaintance type friends might say smart and funny but mostly quiet. Kind. Maybe ‘shy’ or ‘sweet’ or ‘cheerful.’ Honest. Acquaintances who are not my friends would call me bitchy and mean.

J would say what I said about myself, but with qualifiers. Quiet (except with him.) Reserved (except with him.) Anxious (except with him…and he’d probably add that I worry way too much.) Slow to trust and hard to get to know (but worth the work.) J also would agree with at least some of the things my friends would say about me. He likes that I’m smart and I care so much about other people (especially him and our son), and that I’m honest, and I know he thinks these things because he tells me. J would also probably say I don’t value myself enough and we’re working on it. And that I’m easily scared and easily (emotionally) hurt, and we’re working on that too.


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