Travel Anxiety

We took a family road trip to a place we normally have fun in October of 2017. Several hours in the car together with varying traffic patterns and then staying two nights in a hotel. Some people love road trips and hotels, and I don’t hate them or anything, but preparing to go away from home and sometimes actually being away from home stresses me out. 

I need to operate as a pessimist in travel, even though I am naturally an optimist, because when I don’t (like this trip), whenever something goes ‘wrong,’ I blame myself for not having the foresight to see the traffic…the weather…the minor health issue…the size of the crowd…ahead of time. I know I don’t control any of those things, nor can I fix them or prevent them. But Anxiety still tells me I should have. 


We headed home a day early. Because coasters were closed for high winds and incoming rain. Part of me was obviously disappointed. The Boy I know was disappointed. J’s favorite coaster was down all weekend, so we never even got to ride it once (which makes me sad, even though it scares the daylights out of me). But another part of me was glad to go home. 

Home is my favorite place to be, although there isn’t professional excitement and entertainment there. Not only is home the place where I’m the most comfortable and prepared to deal with everyday problems like poor weather and minor headaches and coughs, but I’m always looking forward to having an ‘ordinary’ day or two home with J and The Boy and our dog (who I missed terribly when we went away on trips). No roller coasters. No long car hauls. No restaurant food or sleeping in a strange bed. I so rarely experience anxiety  at home, that I believe J has actually created that cliche inspirational quote I see hit my social media accounts occasionally with me…

I really do have a life I don’t want to take a vacation from. 


So last February, J bought a motorhome for our family.


Now, when we take family trips, whether it’s to ride roller coasters, or see nature, or learn some history, or visit friends (on our maiden trip last June, we got to do all of those things!), we DON’T sleep in strange beds. We have our own that are just ours. We have our own mini kitchen and the ability to drive away from most inconvenience or trouble while still having our own kitchen and beds. And we get to take our pupper dog WITH us (I’ve never liked leaving her with other people, but now she’s 15, and I REALLY don’t want to leave her anymore).
This motorhome has eliminated virtually all of my stress about traveling (I still can’t control traffic, I know, but still). 

Some girls get candy and lingerie and jewelry for ‘gift’ days. Last year for Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and Mother’s Day, I got a *motorhome.* 

I know it’s a lot more responsibility for YOU when we travel now, J. I know just how huge of a gift this was for me. Thank you so much for how well and how thoroughly you take care of our family, especially me. This week, we are heading out in the RV to revisit the place we honeymooned 14 years ago, this time with our son and our dog, neither of whom were even really dreamed of in a serious way all those years ago. And we won’t be getting a hotel or renting a cabin. We’re going in our motorhome. That’s so awesome. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you, J. And to take another trip this summer too. ❤

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