My Muse

You know when you go to an amusement park and there are some rides that have signs up before you get in line to warn you?

You WILL get wet on this ride. You may get *drenched.*

This post WILL get sappy. It may get silly.
That’s just who I am.
It’s still truthful though, and it’s about how and why I write love stories.

The muses in mythology are depicted as goddesses (women) who inspire great art (creators who are men).


There are 9 muses (all goddesses/women) in Greek mythology. This one is Calliope, the inspiration of epic poetry (writing). I mean, we’re friends and all, but she’s really not my muse. Even in more modern fictional depictions, muses (the inspirations of creation…or just any great work or deed) are women, whereas the actual creating or doing of the deeds tends to still come from men.


These are the 5 muses from Disney’s animated film, Hercules. Not taking anything away from these fine ladies. They were the best part of that film as far as I’m concerned. But still…they were like the musical narrators and didn’t really get celebrated as part of the plot. Which stinks because look at them…they are fabulous.
In Kevin Smith’s Dogma, he still has Serendipity The Muse (a woman, or at least woman identifying), but he at least gave Azrael (a man, or at least man identifying) a ‘former’ muse backstory and he kind of acknowledges this whole, ‘I’m the muse, not the creator…creators seemed to be all men,’ business.


The main protagonist (a woman) in the film asks Serendipity why there aren’t more women protagonists in classical historical and fictional texts…
“The people that held the pens added their own perspective, and all the pen-holders were men.”

This vision of the muse as a woman…the inspiration for creation, but not the creator…continues on in current media, and it can be seen everywhere. Literature, film, and television of nearly every genre. Man inspired to create art/accomplish something difficult and great because of Some Pretty Girl He Likes is…kinda tired and played out, in my honest opinion. I was inspired to write this post after watching a rerun of That 70’s Show on Netflix. It’s the episode where the gang is all getting their photos taken for the yearbook and at the end, the ’round up’ freeze frames are their photos in black and white, as they’d appear, with ‘most likely to’ blurbs under them. All of the kids have captions intended to be funny under them, but the one I always focus on is Donna’s.
“Most likely to…move to New York and become Lou Reed’s reluctant muse.”
You know…why didn’t that say, ‘…move to New York and have Lou Reed become HER reluctant muse?’

I guess this is just one more way I’m quirky and non-traditional in that…I mean…I have a muse. But mine looks like this…


Who says the sappy, lovey, dorky woman can’t be the creator and the bad ass biker can’t be the muse? That’s how it is at our house. Want to know where all my inspiration for healthy, supportive, committed love in fiction comes from? That guy. ^^^^
He’s it. He’s my muse.
(Yeah, that’s really a photo of J on one of his bikes. Sigh. I’m gonna go write some lovey fiction now, I think.)

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