The Book of Love

This is another piece about love songs this morning. It’s less silly than yesterday’s. (But not totally devoid of silliness.) And it’s also kind of about those good romantic heroes in fiction.

So, like a sizable percentage of women who are roughly in my age bracket and romantically attracted to men (and maybe even some who aren’t…and maybe even some guys who are), I fell pretty hard for John Cusack’s character, Lloyd Dobler, in Cameron Crowe’s 1989 teen love story, Say Anything.

He liked the quiet, smart girl.
He had his own unique moral code he lived by.
He did THIS…(remember THIS?!)


<swoons>….<dies>…<revives self to continue writing>

Man, I’ll tell you, that was probably my number one romantic fantasy for the entirety of my preteen, teen, and young adult years. I wanted some guy to stand outside my house and play me Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes on his boombox. That was the epitome of romance to me for *decades.* John Cusack, Cameron Crowe, and Peter Gabriel conspired to create Lloyd Dobler and this particular moment in storytelling and RUIN me for regular guys who were of course not Lloyd Dobler for at least 15 years.

And then I met J. He’s never dedicated a song to me. In fact, we don’t have the same taste in music at all, and I’ve said before, J’s not a song lyrics guy, so…I mean there would be serious comedic potential there. I can easily see him sending me a song he thinks is full of sweet, loving sentiment and it’s really about washing a car or something. (Not even kidding here). He’s not Lloyd Dobler. I mean, he did like the smart, quiet girl. And he does have his own unique moral code that he lives by. He just didn’t do ‘serenade you with Peter Gabriel outside your window with my boombox.’ J’s never been a man who’s into grand gestures. And you know what? I’m really not into them either. They’re fun to watch in film. Hell, they’re even fun to watch on YouTube, or live on the JumboTron at some concert or ballgame. But I’m honestly a very private and not a very dramatic person. I’m boring. Well, not ‘boring,’ I guess, but I tend to find the passion and magic in quiet, everyday life more than going out there in the world to run into things and jump off of things and sing on stage. So those are the love stories I write. Quiet, everyday ones.

I still love In Your Eyes. It’s a great song. GREAT lyrics.

‘I get so tired working so hard for our survival…’
‘The resolution to all the fruitless searches.’

DAMN, amirite? I wish I wrote those lines. But it’s not even my favorite Peter Gabriel recording anymore. He recorded a song by Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields called The Book of Love. It’s short. Its lyrics are pretty simple. It’s the song I thought of a lot when I was writing Admission. And it will move me to tears every single time I hear it.


1 thought on “The Book of Love

  1. lesstalkingmorespanking January 12, 2019 — 12:04 pm

    Lloyd Dobler ruined me for other guys too. He was a high school guy with a mind of his own and a moral code. A unicorn! I also get misty eyed when I hear The Book of Love. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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