Soul Satisfaction- Part III

This post is going to be shorter than the other two I wrote because it’s super late when I’m writing this, and also…I’m trying to get a novel out.

This post is about the upcoming novel.

I started work right after I finished Waiting on sequels to two of my earlier novellas, Storm Chasing and Opening Doors. Those pieces are still in progress and will eventually come along (I hope and plan, anyway). And I have a brand new love story idea that I gave to a beta reader that I also kicked around a little for a few months. But none of them took off the way I’d hoped. I wasn’t inspired. I couldn’t jog the fresh things I wanted. I needed to get out and do some things and have a little adventure with J and The Boy to get my head on straight and renew the old soul. And it worked. Mostly. On day two of our trip, I started writing new words…on a short piece I wrote several years ago from a prompt from a friend. This prompt:

“When he thought about his brother, he nearly cried.”

That story could have gone a lot of directions, but it took a clear path that’s heavier and darker than my usual material…DEFINITELY the darkest thing I’d written at the time I finished the short piece. It’s made several beta readers cry. The short version. I never planned to expand or publish it. It’s actually a story, similar to Blink, which I kind of feel unqualified to tell. But it’s the story that won’t stop demanding to be written. So that’s what’s coming up next.

That’s the second time this has happened to me. Blink was exactly like this. I’d planned to publish something totally different. But the needling muse just kept steering me back toward Blink. That book turned out better than I’d expected or hoped and got a positive response so maybe this one will too. Sometimes it turns out that what satisfies my soul is not what I had expressly planned to do. Such is the life of a fiction writer sometimes.

Anyway, the new book will likely end up a short novel, but maybe too long to call a novella. It’s serious. And it’s title is Lit. Here’s my working plan for the front cover art…



Hope all of you are still interested in reading some new fiction. I promise it’s on its way.

Here’s where you can find what’s already out there if you haven’t already read all of it…


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