So Close

I’m later than my usual time getting a post up on the blog today. And it’s going to be a shorter post than normal (probably). That’s because I’m sleep deprived and exhausted and kind of in a zone.

For the past several days, J has been asking me, ‘Are you close?’
And my answer has been. ‘Yes,’ or, ‘Pretty close,’ every time until last night when I said, ‘So close.’ He’d been anticipating an, ‘I’m finally there,’ or something approximating that since his first inquiry, so the days of not hearing those words I think concerned him a little bit. I know he’s heard me sigh and groan and huff at my laptop a lot over the past week. He knows I’ve been struggling. So I stayed up really late last night, working, to get from ‘So close’ to ‘I’m finally there.’

And I’m finally there. The next new book to release is into its editing stage.


Which means I’m so close to submitting it for you all to purchase. It should be out by the end of the week.
I worked hard on this book. It’s probably been my most difficult to write. And I won’t make any money off of it. Not even a dollar. Because, without revealing the entirety of the plot by announcing this, I plan to donate all of the sale profits of this book in all of its formats to The Trevor Project.

I also plan in the future, to donate sale profits of other books I’ve already published to other non-profit organizations that I feel do important work. But this book? Every sale of this book, whenever it sells, it whatever format it sells in, will go to The Trevor Project.

As always, I hope if you choose to read the book when it becomes available, that you enjoy it, and that it means something to you. And I hope I told a difficult story with compassion and emotional accuracy.

Thanks for putting up with me and reading the things I write.

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