Books I Love- Day 2

lust and wonder

OK, so obviously I love a memoir that is basically a true love story.

I’m a hopeless romantic, and I write romantic fiction myself, but I’ve never really been a fan of the romance genre. They’re usually full of predictable and arguably harmful tropes and stereotypes, and many of them bother me.

One of the parties is romances is always rich, it seems. Often, one of them dies or is dying. One of the parties is always haughty and unfriendly and kind of a jerk and the kindness and goodness of the other party wins them over to be a better person. They always quickly form a relationship that is deceptive in some way (it’s infidelity…or one of them is blackmailing the other one into ‘pretending’ to date them…or one of them has made a wager to change the other one…or something) or they commit irrationally quickly (one-night stand gets married in Vegas…MAGICALLY works out and lasts forever). I’ve just really always balked at the surrealism and the glorification of things like stalking behavior and dishonest manipulation.

But THIS book…is the true account of how Augusten Burroughs met his husband.
And it’s beautiful.
It’s the best love story I’ve ever read. No contest.

Just like I talked about Sherman Alexie’s work yesterday, I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Augusten Burroughs. If you aren’t into reading a love story (but like…you’re here on MY blog, so…you must KINDA want to read a love story sometimes, right?), give Running With Scissors a try. And then maybe just like me, you’ll want to read Dry and A Wolf at the Table and You Better Not Cry and maybe even his novel Sellevision.

Mr. Burroughs’ writing is personal and real and raw and emotional and *hilarious.*
He manages to write about the most serious things in life…abuse, addiction, love, disease, loss, complicated family relationships, how just utterly freaking BIZARRE real life can be sometimes, discrimination, the stresses of career, mental illness…with this endearing sense of humor that’s unique and that I admire incredibly as a writer.

I love his work. I recommend everything he’s written. I hope he never stops writing.

It’s still summer, so I hope you all read some books.
If you don’t read the ones I recommend, OR the ones I’ve written, I hope you read something new that you end up loving or you re-read an old sentimental favorite or two.


1 thought on “Books I Love- Day 2

  1. This review has convinced me to add the book to my TBR list, to be picked up at an uncertain point in the near future😊
    Thank you😊


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