Serializing a Story

So I wrote some short fiction that I can’t figure out how to expand into a novel, but I know my short work is too long to post in its entirety here and have ease and enjoyment for readers.

So I think beginning on Monday, I’m going to serialize a long short story (I know…it’s weird to write that). I plan to break it up into 5-10 parts of 1-2K word sections, and if that goes well, I may do that with ALL the short work I’ve written and published here (plus some new stuff) that I don’t want to expand or shrink, but…just doesn’t fit into an easily read format. And then I think I’m going to publish a collection of short work that contains all the stuff I’ve posted here in pieces.

Plans might change, I guess, but I think that’s what I’m going to do now while I work on a couple of new novella/novel length pieces.

Also, all of my published work is available to purchase/download and read here.AA003102
Profits from paperback and ebook copies sold of Lit go to The Trevor Foundation. I’d love to give that wonderful organization more money, so if you are looking for something to read, please consider purchasing THAT book (and/or any of my other work…it’s just that that one might help people). I’m also planning some ‘back to school’ and ‘publishing anniversary’ ebook sales of my work soon.

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