Book Sale

The last full day of the big birthday book sale is tomorrow.

There are still 7 titles of mine available for $.99/each in ebook format (if you’re American or have an American Amazon account…I know…what a pain in the ass to buy from somewhere else…I’m sorry…seriously).


The included titles on sale today and tomorrow are:

The Same Story
The Transition Piece

You can read posts I’ve written in the past about these books for more information if you’d like it by searching those titles in the tags. I try to be good about tagging them.

And I reminder that my latest release, Lit, is not ever going to be put on sale, but all of its sale profits in ebook and paperback formats will be donated to The Trevor Project.


If I can sell about 10 more copies of this book, I can write a nice check to that organization that will be a respectable amount, and I’d reeeeeeally like to do that.

Everything I’ve written is also available included with Kindle Unlimited.

As always, thank you to everyone who reads the stuff I write, particularly those of you who have encouraged, promoted, purchased, and read my fiction.

It’s all available here. 


1 thought on “Book Sale

  1. I would buy them all again if i could!!


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