So I’ve realized that right now, I’m feeling pressure to write a lot of things at once, and when I start feeling that way, it makes me unable to write much of anything, and what I do write, I feel like it’s shit.

I don’t like writing shit. It bums me out.

So instead of hammering out some drivel to put out new fiction, just to put something new out, or forcing some lines out to write here, I’m going to take a little break from the blog…probably for at least a week…to concentrate on organizing the fiction ideas.

I now have 2 short pieces I want to expand into novels that are brand new stories with brand new characters…AND…short work that’s never been published here (or anywhere else) along with most of the stories I’ve put up here that I want to organize into a collection to publish…AND…I’ve got ideas in the works to write sequels to three of my books I’ve already written, based on reader demand feedback:

Opening Doors, Storm Chasing, and The Transition Piece.

So that’s a lot of working. But if I’m doing all of that fiction work…I can’t be here writing new stuff every day too. It takes too much out of me. I hope you all understand and don’t abandon me when I go dormant for a week (or maybe a little longer). I’m trying to get this fiction settled and moving forward.

Thanks for hanging in there so far. I appreciate everyone who reads the things I write.


2 thoughts on “Working

  1. Take all the time you need! I will be here when you come back!


  2. Take all the time you need! I will be here when you get back.


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