NaNoWriMo Update

So…I’m highly unlikely to get 50K words by the end of the day tomorrow, BUT…
it’s still a possibility.

And I’m definitely going to finish this novel soon and hopefully get it up for publishing before Christmas. And there are several promotions coming up on my books that are already out there (there are many of them!) for holiday shopping season.

Books make great gifts. 
I’ve been told my paperbacks are nice to hold and comfortable to read and are excellent for filling up downtime. I’ve been told my work makes readers feel joyful and hopeful, and who couldn’t use more of that right now, right? ‘Tis the season, after all.
Atypical fiction (and particularly atypical romance) readers have told me they enjoy my work because of the ‘realness.’
Even if you don’t have readers on your shopping list, maybe treat yourself to a few hours over the hectic holiday season to curl up in front of a fire or sink into a hot bathtub with one of my books and read about people falling in love. (But don’t sink into the bathtub with an ebook…not safe! Haha!)
I can only put the ebooks on sale, because I don’t control the cost of printing a paperback, but I hope all of you find some time to feel joyful and hopeful, and to read, even if they aren’t my books, this holiday season. I know it’s stressful for a lot of folks out there (myself included).
The entire Building Series (Building: A Love Story; Community; Growth) are on sale today. Building is available at the sale price until the end of the weekend, and its sequels for the next week.
Keep in mind that sale profits from Lit are donated to The Trevor Project.

And I’m sure once I hammer out the rest of this novel (it’s flowing pretty well now, honestly), I’m sure I’ll be back to writing really sappy, sentimental shit about my real life with J and The Boy. Because big stuff happened for me/us in December. It’s like the Month of Sap for me. So heads up for that. 😉

Thank you for hanging in there and continuing to read the things I write. ❤


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