More Fun Because I Desperately Need Some

1. Do you make your bed?

Sometimes. When company is coming over or if J asks me to. Because…drumroll please…J almost always makes the bed. I know, right? I love that guy.

2. What’s your favorite number?

Four. Or forty-four. I don’t know why.


3. What’s your job?

Homemaker, full time parent, writer, anxious person

4. If you could, would you go back to school?

No. But I was lucky enough to graduate debt-free from college, and I don’t regret going. I learned a lot and it was valuable for the person I’ve become. That being said, even though J and I are financially secure (but not rich by any stretch), me going back to school would be signing up for pointless debt now. College education is wonderful and important, but there isn’t a career goal in mind that additional education time would help me achieve, and even if there was, I’m not sure at 41, I’d still think it was worth it. I wish current students and students returning because of passion or improvement type career goals could have that opportunity without huge personal debt being a factor in the decision, though.

5. Can you parallel park?

If I must. Cities aren’t my favorite for obvious introvert reasons. I prefer to not even take my car out of the garage if I can help it.

6. A job you had which would surprise people?

I don’t think any of the jobs I’ve worked in the past are surprising. But I’ll list all of them in a vague way here and maybe one of them will surprise some readers…
Barista at a coffee shop (I know how to make a latte.)
Cater waiter/kitchen staff/coat check girl (I’ve worked some pretty snooty weddings and corporate events)
News copy entry and reporting on restaurant/public kitchen health inspections for a local newspaper
Floral designer (quit because the pollen messed my head right up)
Accounts payable clerk
Proprietary sales program specialist and trainer for a home construction company
Construction estimator
Auto parts store staff

7. Do you think aliens are real?

Yes. But I’m not obsessed with proving it.

8. Can you drive a manual car?

No. I stall the damn engine on the take-off in first gear EVERY TIME. I consider it one of the greatest failings of  my life so far, to be honest.

9. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’ve worked a long time to not feel guilty about the things that bring me pleasure anymore. I guess I would feel guilty if I took pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. But I don’t. Other people’s struggling and worries and pain usually make me sad and worried and stress me out, not want to celebrate. I don’t feel guilty about the media I like or the things that make me laugh or the food I love anymore.

10. Tattoos?

No. But two of my very favorite people are covered in them. I think they’re cool. I’m just way too indecisive to make a call on what to permanently mark my body with.

11. Favorite color?

shades of blue and yellow, but I like all the colors 🙂

12. Things people do that drive you crazy?

Complaining about shit they have no intention of changing. Treating other people with cruelty or disrespect or indifference. Saying they are going to do something and then not doing it. Denying privilege. Victim blaming. Creating and enforcing appearance codes.

13. Any Phobias?

I’m pretty agoraphobic. I’m not a big fan of snakes, but I wouldn’t call it a phobia. My greatest fear is losing people I love.

14. Favorite childhood sport?

To watch or to play? To watch? College basketball (still is my favorite…I also like baseball a lot). To play is definitely bowling. I consider that a sport. If car racing is a sport, bowling is too. I’m not good at it, but it’s fun.

15. Do you talk to yourself?

Constantly. I’m a writer. I have entire conversations in my head on a daily basis. I have a very rich fantasy life and a persistent, wordy inner monologue. Think Fleabag or JD from Scrubs. (Both excellent funny shows.) Plus, I’m alone a lot, and even when I’m not, I’m pretty outwardly quiet and not very inviting and engaging with most other people. So, like Fleabag says in that still down below, if no one else is talking to me, well then…

16. What movie do you adore?

Wow. So many, really. It’s hard to choose just one. The most recent movie I watched that I’d never seen before and adored is Inside Out.

17. Do you like doing puzzles?

Sometimes. Depends on the puzzle. I like word finds. I like crosswords sometimes. I like hidden picture puzzles and jigsaw puzzles sometimes. Puzzles about words and observations and spacial awareness are fun for me, usually. But I’m not super into doing math for fun, to be honest. That’s pretty much the opposite of J and our son. Go figure.

18. Favorite kind of music?

“Jen, what’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite sport? Book? TV show? Song? Musician? Author? Actor? Color? Food?….” AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I DO NOT LIKE CHOOSING FAVORITE THINGS AND RANKING THINGS!
I like music. All kinds. I like music that makes me feel things. I like music with good lyrics. From all different artists in all kinds of genres.

19. Tea or coffee?

Caffeine free Coke Zero or Hot Cocoa. (sorry…I do like iced tea in the summertime sometimes…but it has to be sweet)

20. The first thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up?

A jockey, an astronaut on the space shuttle, a veterinarian, a writer, a Ghostbuster…I really did do the 4th one! Sort of!

1 thought on “More Fun Because I Desperately Need Some

  1. Ghostbuster, Very cool!
    Thanks for sharing.


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