Huge Book Sale

ALL of my work, except for my novella, Lit, is going on sale in ebook format because Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and what better time is there to run a promotion on love stories, right?


I’ve written a whole bunch of stuff here to promote my work in the past, and in case you’d like to read over those pieces…here it is.

Beginning Friday, 2/7, Admission, Unscripted, The Transition Piece, and Building: A Love Story go on sale in ebook format for $.99 per copy.
When those promotions end, The Same Story, Opening Doors, Storm Chasing, Community, Growth, Unedited, and Hard Science and Modern Art go on sale beginning on Valentine’s Day. Blink will go on sale 2/16. All of the sales last for a week. This is a way to celebrate love in February…promoting all my love stories.

Except Lit…which I don’t put on promotion only because I give sale profits to charity, and I don’t want to reduce the profits for that book.

I’m not getting rich by any stretch selling my stories, even at full price. But I do sincerely hope I’m spreading some love around in a world that I think sorely needs some. 

linus and sally

Whoever reads these stories I made up, I hope they’re meaningful to you…that you enjoy them…that maybe they inspire you to love more in some capacity. 

1 thought on “Huge Book Sale

  1. Wish I could buy them all over again!


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