Book Sale!

Beginning today, there’s a rolling promotion on all of my self-published work, except for Lit, for which the sale profits are donated to The Trevor Project. ALL the rest of my work is on sale in ebook format for a period of a week, some beginning today; most beginning next Friday (Valentine’s Day).


Sale Dates are:
TODAY-next Friday, $.99 ebooks for Building: A Love Story, The Transition Piece, Unscripted, and Admission

VALENTINE’S DAY-2/21, $.99 ebooks for Community, Growth, Hard Science and Modern Art, Unedited, The Same Story, Opening Doors, Storm Chasing, and Waiting

2/16-2/23, $.99 ebooks for Blink

I’m working on a sequel right now for Opening Doors, and I plan to write a sequel to Storm Chasing, as well as at least 2 totally new love stories this year, but to celebrate Valentine’s Day…here’s all my work with everything but Lit on sale, if not right now, coming up soon.

All my work is also always included with Kindle Unlimited membership and is available in paperback format, although I don’t control the paperback pricing because of printing costs. If you’ve read something of mine, and you enjoyed it, please leave a review on Amazon, and also…I love hearing from kind readers.

Thank you!

1 thought on “Book Sale!

  1. Woohoo for sequels!


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