Panic at the Disco (and Everywhere Else Too)

So this is an extra rough patch for people with anxiety, because everyone else is also in panic mode, and instead of being reassured and comforted, all of our worst thought spirals are being validated.

There’s not much I can do as one tiny, anxious person, I know.
And I desperately want to do more. I wish I could create vaccines. I wish I could clean the entire universe adequately. I wish I could safely hug or verbally soothe everyone who’s worried right now. I can’t, though.
But here’s what I can do…

I write hopeful, happy, sappy love stories. I’ve been told by lots of readers that my books make them feel good. I think they’d be a nice distraction if people could manage to read. I think fiction and entertainment DOES have real value, especially, for me at least, when I’m feeling anxious or sad or otherwise down.

I know people are stuck at home because a lot of entertainment outside home (amusement parks, public parks, sporting events, museums, zoos, movie theaters…) are closed. And I know some people are even afraid to go out shopping or to libraries or restaurants or take deliveries, because they don’t want to touch things other people have touched. I know that those who do venture out shopping or are trying to order things to be delivered are finding shelves understocked and overworked, stressed out employees who are just as scared if not more scared than they are.
Know what no one else touches? Know what never sells out or closes? Know what doesn’t require another scared human to go into work and make or deliver it? Ebooks.

I’m ready to release a new piece of fiction now that will probably be out in the next few days. And I’m putting every book I have written that my online platform will allow me to put on promotion now on sale for the lowest possible price it will allow me to make them, beginning March 17. And for as long as this insanity goes on, I will add more titles to the sale. Reading inside your home is something that’s always safe to do, and pretty affordable. I have paperbacks too, if you like those, and would rather/want to still take deliveries. But I don’t control the pricing of those, because of printing costs and labor.

The ebook titles on sale, beginning on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) for a week at $.99 per copy are:
Building: A Love Story (my first book)
Unscripted and Unedited (the series I wrote with the most adult content)
Hard Science and Modern Art (my latest release that is the sequel to The Transition Piece)

And I have the new title out, Good Bones.

good bones

Which is the sequel to my novella, Opening Doors (Amazon wouldn’t let me promote that one yet, but as SOON as it does, I will put it on sale, along with other titles).

I know this isn’t much. Maybe it even seems opportunistic. But I promise, even at full price, I maybe make $1 for every book I sell. I just want people to feel better. And this is the best I can do.

Thank you to everyone who reads, buys, and promotes my work. I hope you are getting at least as much joy and comfort out of it as I do.

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