We Do What We Can

Today is the last day the following fiction titles I’ve written are on sale in ebook format

Building: A Love Story



Hard Science and Modern Art

And as soon as more titles become available to discount, I will. Opening Doors becomes available to discount on April 4, and on that day, I will start a promotion for as soon as possible for both it and its sequel, Good Bones, which I just released.

And for those of you who are looking for safe, affordable entertainment right now, I have several pieces of short fiction available here, always free. There’s also an exclusive epiloguehere for those of you who have already read Unscripted and Unedited and would like a little bit more of Max and Sam.
Contact me at pinkyfonzarelli@gmail.com if you’d like access to password protected material.

I know this isn’t much. J and I are also making sure our extended families have what they need, donating to local food banks, comforting long distance friends, and trying to support our favorite small businesses as much as we can, on top of just trying to survive this on our own and make sure our kid continues doing well with online instruction from school. But this is something I can do, and I really think we should all do what we can to comfort and take care of each other. I hope if you read my love stories, they make you feel good. Maybe that they make you forget for a little while that things are currently pretty shitty, and maybe they’ll help you remember that things have been and can still also be pretty good and give you some hope to hold onto that they will be again.

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