Today Only…

For today only…anyone who contacts me from my blog (which means you’re comfortable exchanging an email address with can select the novel of mine of their choice, and I will send them a pdf file of the text of that novel FREE.


This includes ALL of my work, except for Lit, which I don’t put on sale, because the profits are allocated to go to The Trevor Project.

If you want to check out the blurbs and reviews available on Amazon, all of my work is available to browse here.

And, always free here on the blog is my short fiction. 

Also, for today only…even if you just comment on this post (you don’t have to email me), if you’d like to see me write a love story out of a prompt you provide, I’m happy to do that and post it here. I can work with lots of different prompts, but keep in mind that my stories will come out pretty true to real life and character/relationship driven. So I won’t be good at writing suspense thrillers or mystery or sci/fi or horror or period fantasies. It’s just not how my writer brain works. But if you even want to send me 5 random words, I can work with that. (My novel, The Transition Piece, and some chapters in Unscripted began that way. Seriously. The Transition Piece came from, ‘Your worst nightmare has actually happened…how do you deal with it? Use the words smartphone, chlorine, snow, painting, and lunch somewhere in the story.’ And the chapters in Unscripted that Sam wrote about Molly and Spencer? ‘Write a story about toaster strudel, socks, bagpipes, hot wings, and emotional distance.’)
Of course, I also take more traditional prompts. One sentence. A character idea. A premise of two people meeting. Whatever. I’ll write it for you.

We all need to try to keep each other as sane and comforted as we can. So I’m doing this.  Fiction can help people through hard times. It’s helped me through hard times before, and maybe I can pay that forward a bit here. It’s something to connect with, or at least remember what connection is, in the face of extended social distancing, without endangering anyone. I hope.

Be careful out there. Wash your hands. Check on people. Help someone if you can. ❤

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