Short Story Collection

I’ve thought about putting all of my short work that’s available here on the author blog up for sale in an anthology for a while now, but world events and my latest short story released have pressed me to do it now.

An Assembly of Love is available for purchase now on Amazon in ebook format and will be available soon in paperback format.

an assembly of love

I know the pricing is on the high side. But that’s because J and I are donating all the profits made from sales to Doctors Without Borders and Feeding America, a minimum of $50 to each charity. (Keep in mind, that I really only make about $1 in profit for every book sold at my regular pricing…these books will generate about $3 per purchase.) If I make more than $100 from sales, obviously, those organizations will get more money from J and me.

If you can’t afford to buy this anthology, all of the included stories are available to read free on my author blog. Contact me if you need the passwords for protected stories. I’m not trying to capitalize on a world catastrophe. I’m just trying to find ways to help as many people as I can while still staying at home. Because staying at home is helping people too.

Thank you to everyone who reads my work. I truly hope that reading it has brought you a little joy and comfort in an uncertain and scary time of struggling.

Please stay home if you are at all able.
Wash your hands.
Help someone if you can, however you can. Every little bit helps. Spread some kindness around. (Just do it without leaving home.)

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