Books About Moms

So this weekend is Mother’s Day.

I’ve written a bunch of pieces here about my complicated relationship with my mom and my feelings about Mother’s Day. But this year is obviously the strangest one there is. We won’t be going to the cemetery to visit J’s mom’s grave. We won’t be doing an obligatory restaurant meal out somewhere with my mom, listening to her passive aggression and bickering with my dad and brother. It’s just going to be J and The Boy and me at home having probably some Chinese Take-Out and watching the DVD of Knives Out they ordered for me. (I’m looking forward to watching this film…heard nothing but good things about it.)

Anyway, since Mother’s Day ALWAYS feels weird to me, and this year, maybe it’s feeling pretty weird to everybody, I’m going to put all the books I’ve written about moms Amazon allows me to promote right now on sale in ebook format.

If you’ve read my first novel, Building: A Love Story, its two sequels, Community, and Growth, all feature parents/families. All of the featured heroines in the seven featured relationships in the series are moms. Building has already been promoted in my allowed window, so I can’t put it on sale again until July…but if you want to read the series in its entirety and haven’t read any of them yet, that’s still 3 books for $5, which I’m hoping still feels like a good deal.

Deanna in The Transition Piece is a single mom navigating getting back into the dating world, and I wrote a sequel to this which has also already had a recent promotion window, Hard Science and Modern Art, which continues Deanna’s story and introduces another mom heroine. So for that whole series, it’s 2 books for $4.

And Beth in Good Bones (which is the sequel to Opening Doors) is also a single mom who finds love and becomes the mother of a blended family. Again…Opening Doors has already had its turn on sale, and while I’d like to keep putting these books on sale right now, because people who want to read are undergoing unprecedented emotional stress and likely financial hardship, I can’t, because the online outlet for my books has limits for sales. So if you’d like to read this series from beginning to end, it’s 2 books for $4 again.

I don’t always write about parents in my love stories, because I don’t think a couple has to have children to be a real family. I don’t even think a couple has to be married to be a real family. But being a mother doesn’t and shouldn’t preclude a woman from finding good, lasting love and romance. So I do write about people with kids, and forming families in SOME of my love stories. J and I still have good, lasting love and romance after having a child together. And I’m sure that single parents have, can, and do find good lasting love and romance after divorce and loss, too. I hope anyone who reads these stories enjoys them. I especially hope all the moms out there who are looking for a safe, maybe indulgent treat for themselves (or their friends who are moms…or their own mothers, or their daughters or other family members who are moms), and like love stories maybe give one of my stories a try. These promotions run from Friday, May 8 through early morning US Eastern Time, May 15.
And even at the promotional prices…if you truly want to read my work, but can’t afford the ebook pricing (regular or or on sale)…contact me. We’ll work something out. ❤

I hope everyone has as happy of a Mother’s Day as they can. I know it’s pretty weird this year for everybody. And for those of us who have a weird time with this day all the time? I hope maybe this year’s weirdness provides a little more understanding or relief.

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