A Quick Piece For Father’s Day

Just a short, sweet post today about J and how thankful I am for him that he’s my partner in this parenting gig, and in the rest of life too.

He’s a great teacher and a great provider and a great problem solver.
He’s showing our son what it means to be a good man.
And he’s fun and he’s funny and he works so hard to make sure his family is safe and healthy and happy.

I’ve maybe written this before, but I saw some line somewhere on the internet or maybe it was a greeting card that you shouldn’t marry a man unless you wanted to have a son just like him. Well…I think I did a great job marrying a man, and I couldn’t be more proud and happy and grateful to be raising a son that’s an awful lot like him.


Happy Father’s Day, J. ❤
Our Boy knows how lucky he is to have a wonderful dad like you.
(That’s them running their RC cars on a local dirt BMX bike track.)

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