New Puppy Anecdotes

Today is our second day and coming up on our third night with our new little fella.


I’m having flashbacks of our best girl. I’ve almost called him her name several times in the past couple days. Part of that’s sleep deprivation, because I’m also having some flashbacks of when The Boy was a newborn baby and not sleeping through the night and when he was a rambunctious, curious toddler and getting into everything and wearing me out.
I cried a lot last night, missing our old girl, and being overwhelmed with both the stress of newness and need but also (maybe even mostly) a tsunami of love for this smol guy adjusting to become a part of our family, and for our old dog, and for The Boy and for J. I just love my family so, so much.

Anyway, other than the share of overflowing love and emotion, I wanted to say that today during virtual school, The Boy had to practice his violin, which he skipped yesterday for other school commitments and puppy play time. So it’s the first time the pup heard him play violin (our old girl never got to hear violin music played in the house; The Boy only began violin last September). He played 5 songs, and the pup watched him raptly, doing the little head tilt and everything. And we’ve been doing practice crate time with us around so he’ll feel less anxious and lonely in there at night, and this time, we turned on a fan for some noise, and added some classical music to it, and he did a lot better.

J has been finding resourceful and creative ways to cordon off boundaries for the pup in our yard and keep him safe. Tonight, just now in the yard, we introduced the pup to The Boy’s yellow frisbee, and it was pretty hilarious. We are almost certainly going to get a puppy/doggo special frisbee now through some online commerce.
And we’re coming up on a long weekend together and J even took Tuesday off for all of us to be together. So I won’t be writing here. I’ll just be working hard, but also enjoying my time with my family: J, The Boy, and Little G (that’s what I’m calling the pup on the blog, I guess).

I hope you all have some time to enjoy what you do have. And if you don’t have enough, I hope your world turns around quickly so that you do; that other people who have more than enough recognize your need and help you; that enough people mobilize to move public policy and social justice forward to make your life easier. And if, like me, you are lucky enough to have enough…to be overwhelmed with how much you have and how lucky you are…that you can find ways to safely help other people.

Please be safe and social distance and wash your hands and wear a mask inside around other people to protect them and yourself. Please help someone if you can. ❤

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