Multi-Month Book Sale Winding Down

This week, my latest finished novel, Good Bones, is on sale in ebook format.

And there are only 4 novels remaining to go on sale before this long term promotion is over. I realize I haven’t really written any posts about Good Bones here on the author blog, other than to say it’s a sequel to Opening Doors and it was finished and on sale.

So I’ll write at short blurb here about it now. It’s obviously a continuation of the story from Opening Doors which literally starts where that book ends. And it details the challenges and charms of a modern blended family (I hope). Just as with every story I write, I tried to make this book a happy, healthy, positive depiction of a marriage and supportive family who help each other through life’s hard times and provide refuge from the bad things and maybe even bad people they encounter. A marriage SHOULD be where partners seek a safe and calm place of friendship and love and solace in a hectic, stressful world. Parents (even non-biological parents) SHOULD be the place their children can and WANT TO turn when they need help and guidance or just a shoulder to cry on. Good Bones is a story of that…how I wish everyone’s family worked.

These books can be purchased here.

I’m clearly not a famous, best-selling author, but this story (beginning with Opening Doors and continuing with Good Bones and hopefully a soon-to-be-finished-first-draft of another sequel) has been very well received by readers as a hopeful depiction of a family and loving romantic relationship. I hope if you read it, you enjoy it, and you grow to love Russ and Beth and their children.

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