Pup Update

Since life is very busy with a new pup, and the beginning of virtual school, and a 42nd birthday, I haven’t been around much. I know. And since things are still generally way less than ideal Out in the World, I’m just going to share a quick, joyful blurb here to update everyone on the pup.

Little G has some favorite things in life.

He likes leaves and sticks. He likes The Boy, especially running in the back yard and when The Boy plays the violin (he does the Puppy Head Tilt and everything). He likes eating ice cubes. He likes toys.

(Little G says that no, he doesn’t have too many toys and he is not a spoiled pup.)

And the weirdest and cutest thing he likes is the Coen Brothers’ modern adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey in the comedy/adventure film, O Brother Where Art Thou?
Yes, really.

Little G is a playful, energetic, curious pup. He’s into everything. (Scroll back and read the post about how much additional fencing J has installed in our back yard. Seriously. Sheesh.) But when I saw O Brother (one of my favorite films too…one of the best movie soundtracks of all time) was available on a streaming service and turned it on yesterday, Little G sat very still and intently watched the first 15 minutes. I mean…lookit…

He watched like that until he laid down. And kept watching. And then he fell asleep. So clearly, I’m going to turn this on every single time he needs a nap and won’t take one in perpetuity.

Anyway…just thought I’d share a little cute quirky puppy stuff. Because while things in the world get more chaotic and crazy and potentially or actually harmful and scary every day, there is a puppy who enjoys classic blues and bluegrass music and George Clooney and the Coen Brothers at my house. And that’s something to keep moving forward for, if you ask me.

Hang in there. Reach out to connect to people you care about in safe ways. Vote. Wash your hands. Social distance and wear a mask around people outside your bubble and in public spaces. Be kind. Help someone if you can. Lots of people need some.

“Never give up on the good that rests inside of you.” ~Eric Hutchinson

And maybe if you have some time and need some positive, hopeful escapism in your life, read a book…here’s where you can get mine.

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