Fictional Dinner Party

I haven’t written anything in a long time here because well…I just haven’t been very motivated to write. Even essays. I’m definitely stalled on all fiction attempts. So I thought I’d answer this trite question I’ve seen and heard from all kinds of sources for like 20 years…

“What six people…dead or alive…would you invite to a dinner party?”

First, in all honesty, I wouldn’t invite any six people all together to a dinner party. Read my post ‘Showing Up’ if you want to know my history with throwing any sort of party. It’s not good. But obviously for the sake of writing something down, this is really, ‘Name six people you super like/admire/find interesting and say why…’

So here we go…

If I discount J and The Boy (they live here…they are far and away my favorite humans who’ve ever lived, but they wouldn’t be ‘invited’ anywhere by me…this is their house…it’s also their dinner party…maybe I’ll ask them for their six people and include that in this post too…writing this on the fly…), my six people would be…

1 & 2. My Paternal Grandparents. I miss them terribly badly. I have dreams about them a lot. I’d invite them because I love them so much, obviously, but I’d also invite them because I’d love to hear what they think of my life choices and J and The Boy and the world right now and if they had any advice for me. And just so I could hug my Gramma one more time.

3. J’s Mom. I have so many questions I’d love to ask her about J as a kid/young man. Was he like Mike on Stranger Things? (Because I totally think he was.) How much is The Boy like J when he was young? (Exactly almost? Because I think that too.) I’d like her to meet her grandson. To see our house. I’d like to give that to J…that he’d get a dinner party with his mom and get to show his mom the kind of man he is now (she missed most of his adulthood).

4. D, my high school best friend. I just love that guy. And I miss having him around to hang out with for real. We’d get pizza. Watch some sports or concerts on TV. Play euchre (I’d get my grandparents to play if none of the other guests know how to play). Laugh. God, I miss laughing with D. We really used to laugh a lot. He could bring his dogs and they could play with Little G. The dogs would probably make us laugh.

5. Dan Levy.

I binge watched all of Schitt’s Creek and not only is it a super well written and funny show, but it’s probably my all time favorite television love story. David and Patrick are the best couple in a sitcom ever. Period. I love them.

I’d like to talk to him about writing. And it just seems like he’d be super fun to hang out with and I already know (from watching Schitt’s Creek special features and seeing some Twitter captures) that he’d totally be down with eating crappy pizza with me and J and D and petting our dogs. And he might even know how to play euchre.

6. Rachel Bloom.

Also a comedy writer I greatly admire and find hilarious and I wish I could hang out with. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is one of the most original and best written television shows I’ve ever watched.

I’ve mentioned it in several posts over the past couple of years here, and I can’t recommend it enough for those reasons and because of the diversity in casting and the approach to mental illness and mental health in the writing. I think eating pizza with her and Dan Levy and D has the potential to be the hardest and longest I’ve ever laughed ever and also the hardest and longest I’ve ever cried ever. It could even happen at the same sitting. And she might know how to play euchre too.

Anyway…I’d love to say I’m going to be here writing more. But really, I’m probably just going to be trying to find new shows to watch and new books to read…or rewatching and rereading some old comfortable friends…and just trying to continue surviving until I can get back to a place where creative energy is flowing again.

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