Short Story Coming Up…

I’m preparing to release a short story I wrote from a prompt a friend sent me a few years ago. I’m making it password protected, even though there is not really any ‘adult’ material in it.

If you’d like to read it, the password is the same as my other protected work, and if you forgot or don’t have the password, please contact me at the email on the blog. I’ll share the prompt I got here to hopefully give some explanation of why I password protected this story, and some advance warning from readers that might be triggered or otherwise upset by elements of the story…

“Write a love story that begins with one of the partners wanting to commit suicide and the other partner somehow convincing them…either directly or indirectly…not to do it.”

I think my friend sent me this prompt originally as a dare of some sort because I turn everything into love stories. I haven’t previously released this because of the subject matter and the potential darkness, but…you know, I should be brave and post stuff I wrote without constant fear. Right?

Anyway, the story (that’s so far unpublished anywhere but not new) is called Finding One and it should be up before the night’s over.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading things I write.

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