Personally Revealing Book Spoilers

So I’m an American, and even my international readers I’m sure are aware there was an election for President here last week. I’ve been quiet writing lately, and even when I do write revealing social justice or political stances J and I hold, I remain issue focused as much as I can, and I don’t outright praise or disparage any political candidate or party, because I mean…the issues are what is important to me.

But I’ve felt like writing something like this for a couple of weeks, and now that the election is in the books as settled, even though the United States is a far cry from settled, I figured I’d go ahead and do it now.

I’m just going to post my personal opinions of characters I’ve written, which, if you haven’t read some or all of my fictional work, might be in the spoiler category. But nonetheless…here we go.

Jessica Fielding (Evers), Heather Upreti (Richardson), Amy Evers(-Bagby), Deanna Berger, Shondra Watkins, Grace Shepard (Evers), Min-Soo Park (Evers), and Beth Patterson (Archer) aren’t less devoted to their families because they are/were working moms and/or out-earn/financially support their (male) partners.
Jessica, Amy, Shondra, Grace, and Angela Lamkin (Shepard) and Krista Piper aren’t less feminine for working in male dominated fields.
David Turcotte and his colleagues aren’t the enemy…they’re journalists and scientists trying to keep the public safe and informed.
Krista Piper and Stephanie Bamford aren’t selfish or otherwise damaged for not wanting to have kids.
Alan Evers isn’t a ‘loser’ or a ‘sucker.’ Alan, his son Matt, Angela Lamkin (Shepard), and Grace Shepard (Evers) aren’t less intelligent or talented for serving in the armed forces.
Alan Evers, Jeff Beckett, and Gwen Barrie deserve the same opportunities as everyone else, including employment, education, and marrying their partner without threatening their quality of life. And none of them deserve to be mocked and ridiculed, particularly by people with privilege.
Leanne Jenner and Jeff Beckett shouldn’t go broke, financially burden a partner, or feel obligated to stay in a crummy job, and especially not a crummy relationship, in order to pay for care for their chronic health conditions.
Beth Patterson and Bridget Keller should be safe at work, even in pandemics. And they’re REALLY underpaid and underappreciated.
Daniel Hanks and Bobby Stuart deserve a living wage even though they didn’t go to college.
Min and Heather’s families shouldn’t be treated poorly or even differently because they’re immigrants or speak another language or speak English with an accent.
The Upreti family and the Shepard family and David Turcotte and Bridget Keller should be allowed to worship (or not worship) whom/whatever and however they want without fear.
The Richardson and Watkins families shouldn’t be more likely to have unsolicited contact with police than everyone else. Kurtis Richardson shouldn’t be more likely to be pulled over/stopped by police than Josh Shepard or Alan Evers.
Axel Blume and Gail and Kendall (and all the other non-heterosexual characters I’ve written) should be able to hold hands with their partners in public and marry them if they want and adopt children if they want. They shouldn’t be afraid to tell their friends and families and employers about their relationship status.
Samantha Jenkins (Goodman) should be able to publish her books.
All the children I’ve written should feel safe from violence and infectious disease when they’re at school, and they should have access to varied literature and real science classes.
Jake Coleman and Bobby Stuart aren’t weak for wanting to please and showing affection and devotion to their (female) partners.
Tyler Bagby isn’t weak because he has anxiety or because he cries easily.

I could say a lot more about the characters I write. I’ve written longer posts about some of these things in the past anyway. And I could say a lot more about how my personal beliefs and life philosophies and morality code come out in my writing, but I mean…I’m sure you guys get the idea.
I think fiction informs reality. My fiction reflects my outlook on life. It’s all about to go on sale for Thanksgiving. (Except for the work which sends all the sale profit to charitable organizations).
*Sorry if these photos are a bit blurry.

Because I’m thankful for my readers, and to be feeling a little relief in non-stop anxiety, and to have found a bit of motivation to write again. The ebook sale will start with Building: A Love Story on 11/18 and end with Hard Science and Modern Art from 11/28-12/6. The majority of my work will be discounted from 11/26-12/3, and The Transition Piece, Hard Science and Modern Art, and Unscripted and Unedited will even get promotions in the UK! My work can be purchased here.

Thank you for hanging in there with me and reading the things I write in this chaotic and often painful year. Hopefully, we’ll all find some peace and relief.

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