It’s a Small World After All

Sorry if that song is now stuck in your head…

But just writing a small post about how circumstances this year have made everyone’s world a little smaller, but I think they’ve also made it larger in many ways. Yeah…we aren’t having big gatherings of people. Travel has been limited. People have had to change or even cancel big plans like weddings and reunions and concerts and graduations and funerals and parties. Shopping and school come with new challenges. A lot of people understandably feel trapped and negative, and looking at the vastness and scope of the big picture can get really scary. I get it. I’m there too.

But that’s when focusing on your own small world can be helpful. It helps me. Finding those small moments of happiness that during ‘normal’ times, maybe those little moments of joy are easy to overlook. Who’s going to get all worked up and excited over beating a time in a video game or a new episode of the Great British Bake Off when you’re planning a wedding or a 3 week whirlwind vacation? Not too many people. And I get it. But that doesn’t mean that the small little moments don’t deserve a little pause and appreciation.

The Boy has been humming the bass line to The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army to himself during his virtual school assignments. Sometimes he sort of bops along to it too. It’s awesome. He’s also discovered a new love for Pink Floyd and David Bowie. On his own. That wasn’t J and I pushing our music onto him. And that’s pretty cool too.

J and I finally changed out our old outdated brass hardware that came with the house (new cabinet pulls; new light fixtures in a couple rooms; new door knobs and hinges). It’s amazing what a huge difference changing some seemingly small items makes.

Yesterday, as I was putting away a load of laundry, at the end, I did a little, ‘Yes!’ under my breath and a casual and subdued little fist pump and J asked what made me happy and I said, ‘I got the exact right amount of hangers…I didn’t have to go get ‘just two more’ when I got to the bottom of the basket.’ Is that a weird thing to find joy in? Probably. But there some joy was, nevertheless.

And honestly? This whole year of chaos and upheaval and uncertainty has made me oddly closer to a lot of people. I think I’ve strengthened connections with some important people in my life because of all the shit that’s happened and is still happening this year. I’ve sent pictures of our growing Boy and our growing puppy to friends around the country. I’ve taken a couple ‘virtual’ trips and lunches with some friends and I’ve had a lot of conversations that have brought me a lot of happiness and comfort. I’ve taken so many walks with J and the Boy and Little G. It’s actually not been a completely terrible year. Of course, so much could be so much better…for us and everyone else. But in our small world, things really haven’t been all that bad. And I am grateful for that.

I hope all of you can find some joy and comfort and something to be grateful for too. And if, like us, you find you have a lot, try to help someone who’s in need. Stay safe. Wash your hands and distance and wear your mask. Take care of yourselves and the people you love. Thank you for continuing to read the things I write.

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