Moving On New Fiction

I’ve been absent here, but that’s because I’m actually working on new fiction that will turn into a novel. I originally thought it would just be a quick epilogue to stories I’ve already written, but turns out, I guess it wants to be book 3 in the series of Opening Doors and Good Bones.

I can’t promise it will be out soon…because I don’t want to jinx myself. But I am working on it.
I’m going to call it ‘Presence.’

Here’s the first thoughts on cover art:

I’ve got the story pretty much mapped out in my head: the things I want to include and where I want to end it. Which is good (and weird, because I usually have a hard time with endings).

Just wanted to let everyone who still checks in and reads here that I am still writing. And it feels really good to write and create.

In the mean time, if you’re actually a person who looks forward to new fiction from me, you could always check out/reread my older stuff. And then there’s all the Previous December Sap here, because I met J in December and we had The Boy in December, so I normally write a lot in December/about December (click on links to see those below):

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Anyway…I know this has been a strange and scary and long year for everyone. I know things are still unsettled and anxious. And we all should still be socially distancing in person and masking up in public and washing hands. And helping each other as much as we can.
But I am so thankful for everyone who still turns up here to read what I have to say and to check out the stories I make up. I hope I brought you some comfort and joy this year. You brought some to me. You are proof that connecting online and at a distance is valuable and even therapeutic.

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  1. Will be waiting…


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