Quirky Christmas Connections

So I’ve written here during previous Decembers about how I have never really fit into my huge extended family full of Catholic extroverts, and clearly, this year, we didn’t do Big Family Christmas for obvious reasons. (At least 3 of my first cousins and a couple of in-laws have had COVID and several of my family members know someone who’s died. It sucks).

So I thought I’d write a little bit of joyful connection in my weird brain about today.

The last and only previous time I saw only my parents and my godfather on Christmas Day was 2003, the year our son was born on December 22. We brought him home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. He was three days old on his First Christmas, and we were exhausted and weren’t too interested in going to the People Show, so we stayed home, and the only folks who dropped by at all were my folks and my godfather. Those same 3 people came over today and we all stayed 10+ feet apart and we masked when my godfather was here. My parents don’t go into stores and neither do we. We haven’t seen any other people inside of a house other than them and the rare necessary doctor or vet or dentist appointment since early March. We’ve only seen people outside and masked and/or distanced, except for J, who wears a mask at work every day, and he’s been home with us since last Friday afternoon. The year we brought our son home, Christmas Day for us was really nice. Not *exactly* relaxing…we did have a newborn, and J was briefly convinced that our sweet girl doggo at the time was going to carry him by the neck out into the snow while we were all sleeping or something, but I mean…it was nice just hanging out; our little family. The three of us and the dog.

This year was almost the same, even though the Boy just turned 13 and we have a new dog. It was Little G’s first Christmas this year. He liked it, but it’s clearly going to take him a little while to learn what Christmas actually is, and not because of quarantine restriction on large gatherings, but just…I mean…we had to put our Christmas tree up on top of an end table this year, because we were earnestly afraid Clumsy Pupper might kill himself running into it while playing with reckless abandon. (We seriously took the tree down after our extremely brief and limited company left today…because we were tired of cringing and thinking OH NO! every time the Wild One ran past the tree…even on the table, things were questionable. Haha!)

(For those of you who wonder what I look like…this is the closest I’ll ever come to revealing myself enough to be semi-identified…notice the tree over our heads…Little G still doesn’t get it…Haha!)

We gave him a little bit of turkey in his kibble for dinner tonight. He played with new toys, and ran around to individually visit with all the humans sitting 10+ feet apart when the food was put away and humans were actually here. He sniffed around for more turkey bits on the kitchen floor for a WHILE. And then he crashed with his hedgehog because that is a big day for a Small Pup.

I know things are still weird and at least somewhat anxiety-inducing. But we had some joy today as our small family, and I’ve connected with people from a distance (Yay for delivery people, particularly the US Postal Service!). And I found quite a bit of joy today connecting our last quiet Christmas at home with this one.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Help somebody if you can. Get the vaccine as soon as you can. And to quote the song my godfather quoted on his way off our snowy porch through our storm door this afternoon…the classic from Meet Me in St. Louis…

“Someday soon, we all will be together…
If the fates allow…
Until then, we’ll have to muddle through somehow…

And have yourself a Merry Little Christmas now.”

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