I’ve finished a new novel, Presence. This novel is the third (and likely final) book to make a trio series with Opening Doors and Good Bones.

I’m hoping to have the new title published and up for paperback purchase by Monday. It is already live in ebook format, and its prequels, Opening Doors and Good Bones, will be on sale in ebook format in the USA and UK marketplaces on Amazon beginning Monday through the following week.

For long time readers, this is a continuing story of the characters in Opening Doors and Good Bones, with a little hopeful future projection…in their fictional world, obviously…but maybe a little optimism for the reality we’re all living in too. Like…when things are challenging…even ‘bad,’…those times eventually give way to better ones, and there is joy and comfort to be found, even in challenging or ‘bad’ times, with and because of the people we love and who love us.
I’m terrible at self promoting, but I have been graced with a generous beta reader who gave me the following comments I will share anonymously and edited to protect their privacy and (hopefully) prevent spoilers…

“The scenes are funny, and touching. I appreciate that the relationships are healthy and loving. It’s positive, even when dealing with topics which could easily be given a dark spin, like feeling sad or lonely, conceding free time you’d prefer to use for other things to elderly parents, telling a friend or new partner about a difficult romantic past. You handle all of those things in a way that makes the reader feel like it’s going to be ok. The message I’m getting is that having a good person, one who really cares about you, by your side during tough times makes things much easier to bear. I love the good feeling the story’s giving me so far. It’s much needed right now.”

“This book is going to be super well received.”

“There’s a log of serious content for a book that was inspired by a whimsical text conversation! I loved it. You had so many topics in there that you handled so well.”

I hope all of you are doing alright, and if you have some time you might consider reading my story a form of self care. I get told often that while my stories ‘feel real,’ they tend to increase readers’ (at least the ones who have reached out to me) feelings of comfort and hope and security. If you’d like to read my work and can’t financially swing it, even at sale ebook pricing, please contact me at the address provided and I’d be happy to try and work something out.

Thank all of you for hanging in there with me. Things are strange and even scary, but we’re all still here, so I hope we can all still try and spread around some kindness, love, and hope. I’m trying my best. Take care of yourselves, be safe, and try to help someone if you can.

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