Music Survey (because I need a little fun)

1. Do you listen to music everyday? Yes. For sure.

2. One band you always come back to? REM, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Ben Folds, Counting Crows, Nanci Griffith

3.  What is/are your favorite song(s) atm? Hour Follows Hour, Ani DiFranco; Would That I, Hozier; Happiness, Grant Lee; Have a Little Faith in Me, Joe Cocker; Hazy Shade of Winter, The Bangles

4. What’s your Spotify? I don’t have one! I KNOW! Gasp!

5. Top 3 played songs? Something So Strong, Crowded House; Killing in the Name, Rage Against the Machine; Rain King, Counting Crows

6. Three favorite genres of music? Folk/alternative rock; grunge; Motown style old school R&B/blues; folk/bluegrass (yeah…so it’s four…I can’t limit and rank things…I’m just not good at it)

7. Favorite album(s) of all time? Not a Pretty Girl, Ani DiFranco; Tapestry, Carole King; Graceland, Paul Simon; Born to Run/Greetings From Asbury Park NJ, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; Different Light, The Bangles; Out of Time/Automatic For the People/Up, REM; Fear, Toad the Wet Sprocket; Flood, They Might Be Giants; Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet Jackson; Ten, Pearl Jam; August and Everything After, Counting Crows; Cheap Thrills, Big Brother and the Holding Company; Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder; One Fair Summer Evening, Nanci Griffith; John Prine, John Prine; Tidal, Fiona Apple; Get Lifted, John Legend

8. Favorite quote or song lyrics? Holy crap, seriously? My head is filled with song lyrics. I can’t possibly choose a favorite. I will say I admire the lyrical talent of Ben Folds and Prince and Hozier and Ani DiFranco and Nanci Griffith and Peter Gabriel and Jack White and Carole King and Paul Simon and Michael Stipe and Adam Duritz and Fiona Apple a lot. I’ve quoted a lot of song lyrics in my posts here and in my writing. Everything I’ve ever mentioned I love, and I love a lot more than I’ve ever mentioned.

9. Favorite concert you’ve attended? I saw Ben Folds with J in 2013. That was probably my favorite. I also saw Eric Hutchinson once with J for my birthday, and I saw Springsteen with my dad for his 50th birthday, and those were pretty bad ass too. And I saw They Might Be Giants with a group of friends in college. I don’t normally enjoy crowds at all, but I do love live musical performance. Symphonies and rock shows and plays and ballets.

10. Most underrated musician in your opinion? I don’t know. Probably someone I’ve never heard of or don’t know I’ve heard of. There is so much talent out there that’s never heard by a wide audience, particularly artists of color, particularly women of color. I mean…I’ve heard of everyone I’ve heard of. Do I love some of them more than the amount of fame, money, and recognition music has gained for them? Yes, I’m sure. But I’ve still heard of them and consumed and bought their music/seen them perform live. Someone out there I’ve never heard of is amazingly talented and definitely the most underrated though.

11. When did you last dance on your own like an idiot? Putting laundry away about a week ago.

12. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day? I don’t know. I’d probably be very intimidated by any musician I’d actually meet in person.

13. Name four or more flawless albums? See number 7

14. Have you met any of your favorite bands/artist? No. See number 12. Haha!

15. When was your first concert? Technically, I saw the Oak Ridge Boys at an Ohio State Fair in the 1980s when I was a little girl. But the first concert I attended on purpose that I chose to buy tickets for was Bush/No Doubt/Goo Goo Dolls in 1996

16. Do you choose particular albums depending on the mood? Yes. Or internet radio stations.

17. What song do you listen to everyday? I don’t think I listen to one song EVERY DAY.

18. Who is your favourite artist right now? I hate picking favorite anythings. Any musician I’ve ever written about, I have immense love for. I have particular soft spots for the music I listened to with my dad as a little girl, and for the music I discovered on my own as a teenager/young adult. But favorite? I don’t know. It’s like asking what my favorite breath I’ve ever taken is. The first one? The next one? All of them?

19. A song you like with a color in the title? Black, Pearl Jam

20. A song you like with a number in the title? One, U2

21. A song that needs to play loud? Sabotage, Beastie Boys; The Four Seasons, Vivaldi

22. Songs that describe you/your life? Dead, They Might Be Giants; Hour Follows Hour, Ani DiFranco; Creep, Radiohead

23. A song by an artist with a voice that you love? Daysleeper, REM; One Moment in Time, Whitney Houston; Bridge Over Troubled Water, Hozier; Lay Me Down, Sam Smith; Show Me How to Live, Audioslave

24. A song/songs that make you sad? Hear You Me, Jimmy Eat World; I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton; Magic, Ben Folds Five

25. A song that relaxes you? Shit, I wish there was a song that relaxed me. I WOULD listen to that one every day.

26. Songs you can relate to? This list is endless. Just read the answers to a lot of these other questions.

27. A song that has many meanings to you? Glycerine, Bush; Say Something, A Great Big World; Something to Say, Toad the Wet Sprocket; Alcatraz, Eric Hutchinson

28. Put your music app on shuffle.. what is the 1st song? The Fire Maple Song, Everclear

29. What is your favourite music video right now? Do they still make music videos? Just kidding. I like Hozier’s Work Song and John Legend’s Love Me Now. And then there’s the classics I love…REM’s Stand; Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark; Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s Don’t Come Around Here No More; Beastie Boys Sabotage; Madonna’s Vogue

30. A song from your favourite band? Einstein on the Beach

(image from The New York Times article When Music Is the Best Medicine)

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