Another Goofy Survey

I’m still trying to come up with motivation to write something. So here’s another one of these goofy things.

1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say? How did we get in the same state and where in the hell are our clothes?!

2. What’s going on between you and the last person you kissed? We’re married. Actually getting close to our 16th anniversary.

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was into drugs, would you care? Yes, I would care. I wouldn’t want them to jeopardize their health or their freedom, depending on the drug(s) they were into.

4. Is your last name longer than six letters? Nope.

5. Was your last kiss drunk or sober? Sober. I’ve never been drunk.

6. Have you ever wanted to have someone but you messed it up? I don’t think so.

7. What does your last received text say? “I used smoked paprika instead of sweet paprika. It was awesome!.”

8. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed? Countless times. He’s my man, and has been for a real long time.

9. Where was your last kiss at? The top of the kitchen stairs before J went to work this morning.

10. When is the last time you saw your sister? I don’t have a sister. BUT…I have two sisters-in-law, and I saw one of them in early November. She stood on my porch and I stood in my house with the storm door between us. I saw the other one on New Year’s Day. She had been vaccinated for Covid already because she is a healthcare worker who is front facing to the public and she and my brother stayed 10+ feet away from us with masks on anyway.

11. What do you drink in the morning? Coke Zero

12. Where did you sleep last night? In my bed at home with J

13. Do you think relationships are hard? It depends on the people in the relationship. If two people truly care about one another and work on clear and respectful communication, then relationships can be very fulfilling and rewarding and lasting. But are those things hard? Maybe.

14. If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you? No. Probably not.

15. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems? Nope. I am often locked in a room with him by choice. Haha!

16. Would you rather it be sunny or rainy? Sunny unless we need the rain.

17. Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you? Yes. Many, many people. It’s a very common middle name.

18. Are you wearing jeans,sweatpants,or pajama pants? Pajama pants

19. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 years from now? I sure hope so. Something terrible has happened if I’m not.

20. Does anyone like you? I hope J likes me. I’m pretty sure my son and my dog like me too.

21. Have you ever kissed someone with a name that starts with an S? If a last name counts, then yes.

22. Is the last person you kissed gay? No.

23. Is there a person you CANNOT stand? There are MANY people I cannot stand. Thankfully, I don’t have to personally interact with any of them.

24. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? Not really. But I think tattoos are cool, and I like hearing the stories behind them.

25. In the past week have you cried? Yes. Several times.

26. What breed was the last dog you saw? Golden doodle (that’s my dog)

27. Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower? out of the shower

28. Have you ever kissed a football player? No

29. Do you think you’re old? No. Most of the time, I still feel about 15 on the inside.

30. Do you like text messaging? Yes. I prefer it to talking out loud.

31. What type of day are you having? Ok, I guess.

32. Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced? No.

33. Do you prefer warm or cold weather? I prefer mild weather. Not too hot; not too cold.

34. Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you? There are many men who mean a lot to me. But are men ‘the opposite sex?’ Eh.

35. Would you prefer a relationship or a fling? Relationship. I am wholly incapable of having flings. Not even when I was young and single and that would have been acceptable. I am a person who is meant to be either in serious commitment or alone. Seriously.

36. Are you a simple or complicated person? I think I’m simple, but nobody else does. Haha!

37. What song are you listening to? I’m not listening to a song right now. I’m watching college basketball. It is, after all, March.

38. When you say you’re sorry do you mean it? Yes. Every single time. I apologize often and sincerely. So if a person ever felt hurt or offended or wronged by me, and I did not apologize? I wasn’t sorry.

39. Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you? Mmmmm…probably not. There are maybe 5 women who know me more than reasonably well, though.

40. What made you start liking the person you like now? His piercing blue eyes and the way he made me feel safe immediately.

41. When did you last receive a text message? About 2 hours ago.

42. What is wrong with you right now? HAHAHAHAHA! I’m alive at this point in history. So I’m worried about everything and am pretty tired of being cooped up in the house and having no possibility to see my friends. And I am having a hard time finding any inspiration or motivation to write. And I’m tired.

43. How well do you know the last female you texted? Pretty well. She is one of my favorite people.

44. Does anyone disgust you? Hateful people do. So do willfully ignorant people.

45. Would you date someone right now if they asked? No. I’m happily married.

46. Are you in a good mood right now? I’m not in a bad mood right now.

47. Who was the last person you talked to in person? J

48. What color shirt are you wearing? green

49. Has someone recently told you something you didn’t want to hear? yes

50. Anyone you’re giving up on? not currently…but wow I’ve given up on a lot of people in the past 5 years, the past year especially

51. Do you hate the person you fell hardest for? No, I’m sitting next to him on the couch and he makes me happy.

52. Have you ever thought about giving up on someone but couldn’t? Yes

53. Do you like rain?   In the evenings? Yes. As long as it doesn’t cause flooding or storm damage.

54. Do you care if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks? No, I never cared that J would drink sometimes. But he hasn’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve, 2019.

55. Have you ever liked somebody and never told them? Oh of course. 

56. Do you like to cuddle? I love to cuddle. It’s my favorite.

57. Are you shy?   Yes. Painfully shy, actually. But that for some reason has always seemed to come across as intimidating to a sizable percentage of people. I’ve never understood it.

58. Do you get along with girls? This is a strange question. Of course I get along with girls. I get along with most people, situationally at least. And I get along with most girls, because girls are people.

59. Have you dated the person you texted last?   No.

60. What do you carry with you at all times?   Nothing. I don’t think there’s anything I’m always carrying. Anxiety? I am probably always dragging that around, unfortunately.

61. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you?   Yes. Think of how much good I could do with a million dollars for one night of being uncomfortable.

62. Do you think you can last in a relationship for five months?   Please. I’ve been with J for 17.5 YEARS. I wonder if these lists are made for kids or just single people when I see questions like this.

63. Think back to October, were you in a relationship?   Yes.

64. The person you like kisses you on the forehead, do you find this cute? Yes. I find it comforting when J kisses me on the forehead. Unless I think he suspects I have a fever. Then it might make me a little anxious. But either way, it’s cute.

65. Did anything “cute” happen in the last week? I have a puppy. He does all kinds of cute shit. He eats, breathes, and sleeps “cute.”

66. How old are the last three people you kissed? 48…13 (my son when he was a smaller lad and let me kiss him still)…and…um…hell I don’t know…it was probably a baby who is probably in the 3-5 range now.

67. Would you rather pay to get your nails done or do them yourself?    I don’t enjoy having strangers touch me, so I don’t like beauty treatments. I normally don’t do my nails at all. But while obviously paying a professional would look much nicer, I’d rather do them myself, because I just can’t handle all the touching from strangers.

68. Which do you like better- Zebra print or leopard print?  I don’t have a favorite. Really.  

69. Do you have any stickers on your car?   Nope 

70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?   Lil Wayne for sure 

71. Blackberry, Android, or iPhone?    Android I guess? Pretty sure that’s what my phone is. I don’t have much brand loyalty beyond Coke.

72. When’s the last time you had pizza from Pizza Hut?    4 or 5 months ago?

73. Do you like diet soda?    I like Coke Zero. And while I prefer original root beer and creme soda, I do enjoy diet root beer and creme soda.

74. What color are the walls in your room?   a light earth tone  (I have answered this on a previous survey)

75. Are you 16 or older? I am more than 2.5 times 16, but not yet 3 times 16   

76. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?    Never seen an episode

77. Do you have a job?   I am a self published writer and a full time mother and homemaker. So yes, I do have a job…but not one that pays a regular wage or keeps a regular schedule.    

78. What are your initials? yeah right   

79. Did you ever have braces? no…but I’ve been told I ‘needed’ them many times by dentists who couldn’t give me a legitimate health-related reason to get them; they were only cosmetic; so no thank you; and J seems to like my smile just fine. 

80. Are you from the south? if people consider Northern Kentucky ‘the south,’ then yes. But for anyone who has been to Northern Kentucky and ‘the south’? I think there’s a distinct behavioral, language dialect, and cultural difference, personally.    

81. What does your last status on facebook say?    No idea. I left Facebook in June of 2019

82. Do you still talk to the first person you ever kissed?    Maybe once or twice a year we exchange an email? He’s a great guy. Seriously. But that was a long time ago and we both have our own lives to live at this point.

83. Are you closer to your mom or your dad?  My dad. But that’s not to say I’m ‘close’ to my dad.  

84. Have you ever done cheerleading or gymnastics?   Yes, but I was very very young and it was at the behest and encouragement of my mom, aunts, and cousins. I didn’t like it and I didn’t fit in at all. 

85. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?    Probably Girl Ghostbusters. It’s been years since I went to the theater to see a movie. J and The Boy have very sensitive hearing and movies are loud. So we normally don’t go.

86. Do you smoke?    No way

87. Would you rather wear heels or flip flops?  flip flops for sure  

88. Is your phone touch screen?   yes 

89. Do you normally wear your hair straight or curly?   straight 

90. Have you ever snuck out of your house?   No. Not once. I didn’t have to sneak out when I was young. Have you ever seen Stranger Things? My parents were like the Wheelers. I could have had my secret superpower-having love interest move into our house and my parents wouldn’t notice. J thought that part of the show was unrealistic. And I was like…no. I could have totally done that growing up. If you live in a house with authority figures who are totally checked out when it comes to involvement in your life? You don’t have to sneak out. You can just go out. They don’t care.

91. Would you rather swim in a river, lake, or pool?  Pool.   

92. Have you ever made out in a car?    No.

93. …Had sex in a car?    No

94. Are you single or in a relationship?   Super duper married 

95. What were you doing last night at midnight?  sleeping  

96. When’s the last time you saw fireworks?    In person? Probably June 2019 at Disneyland California

97. Do you like the camera on your phone?    Yeah. I like having a camera for when the puppy does cute shit and to monitor how tall my son is getting and to see him with J and to capture all 3 of them being awesome.

98. Have you ever had a friend with benefits?    All of my friends greatly improve my life with their friendship and I treasure them. Sex isn’t a ‘benefit’ that I have ever wanted or needed from my friends, though, and this is what I assume this question is asking.

99. Have you ever passed out from drinking?   No. I’ve never had more than one alcoholic drink in a day before.  

100. Are you friends with people on facebook that you actually hate?     I am no longer on Facebook. It was detrimental to my mental health and general well being.

101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?  Yes.  

102. Name your favorite Kesha song:     I can’t name ONE Kesha song. I’m an old person who has always been a dork.

103. Do you have any tan lines right now?   No. I am religious in my use of sunscreen. I don’t ever get tan lines, I don’t think. If they ever exist, it’s only at the end of summer, and they are still probably very faint.  

104. Would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts?    I’d never wear cowboy boots. My legs are meant for stability running shoes. They seriously ache terribly if I wear other kinds of shoes for too long.

1 thought on “Another Goofy Survey

  1. Fanta red creme soda was my absolute fave go to pop when i was younger! Such memories you’re mention of creme soda evoked!


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