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First, let’s get the marketing out of the way…
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All of my novels are love stories. Some of them contain sex scenes, but not all of them. A couple even contain what I’d classify as ‘erotica.’ But at the heart of the things I write is love in different forms…friendship…family…not only romance (although there is plenty of that).
I’ve made some deliberate choices in writing these love stories, that, other than the ‘light on the explicit material,’ might make them feel like not everyone’s cup of tea. I feel like (and have been told by readers that) they’re different than other work in the ‘romance’ genre. I try not to write common tropes. For instance, I don’t write ‘bad boy with a heart of gold.’ I just write ‘man with a heart of gold.’ I don’t write ‘damsel in distress.’ I don’t write death or major trauma of a major character as the catalyst OR as the deterrent for them finding love. I think love is possible without manufactured drama, because that’s what I have in my real life, and I don’t see ‘ordinary,’ kind, supportive, fun, committed love portrayed very often in fiction.
And I try to write with diversity and inclusion. All of my characters are not universally and conventionally attractive. I often don’t write a character’s appearance with much if any specificity. They are not all white people. They are of many different faiths and philosophical beliefs. They work all kinds of different jobs. The vast majority of them aren’t ‘rich,’ and none of them are uber-wealthy. Some of them are disabled or chronically ill. Not all of them are heterosexual.
I’m not a well-known author, and I don’t really aspire to be one. I’m just a dreamer who self-publishes through a huge corporation I don’t even really like all that much to put my stories out for other people to read. But I do actually have a reader base, and I’ve made friends with a few of them. And readers have told me that my stories offer them hope, and make them feel good, and that they have emotional responses to my writing, particularly my characters, because they ‘feel real.’ All of that’s on purpose.

I hope if you choose to read my fiction, you enjoy it, and if you’d like, contact me for feedback or leave a positive review on the sale site. Feedback makes me a better writer, and it motivates me to write more. Just please be kind. I am a sensitive little romance writer, after all.


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